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Boundary dispute between north and South Korea

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In between North Korea and China is the Yalu River. Hope this answer serves you well!

The Yalu River is the border of China and North Korea.

North Korea. China likes it this way, which is why they prop up North Korea as a communist buffer state between themselves and U.S.-backed South Korea.

South Korea is located between China and Japan, a pretty comfortable place for the Koreans.-------------------------------------------------------------It's under North Korea, West of Japan and also East of China. It's connected to China by North KoreaBetween China and Japan

China and North Korea share a border, so you could say there is no distance between the two.

Korea (both North and South) is between China and Japan.

China and North Korea do get along.

On the Korean peninsula between China and Japan

When North Korea asked for help from China, South Korea asked for the US's help, so they broke down the bridge between China and North Korea and sent reinforcements to South Korea

Taiwan, part of the Chinese mainland, and the East China sea lie between the Philippines and North Korea.

china uses their money for building and north korea uses theirs for nuclear warfare and capturing christains

China, North Korea, and South Korea are all different countries.

Korea was part of China until 1895. Traditionally, Korea thought China as a parent or big brother country, and China treated Korea as a son country. After 1945, It still continue between North Korea and China. For South Korea, China is two of main countries influencing South Korean politics with U.S.

North Korea and China are both in Asia.

China wants a buffer state between itself and U.S.-backed South Korea. China is also afraid of North Korean refugees flooding into their country.

It is in China right between Mongolia and North Korea.

South Korea is Supported by : USA + China + Japan North Korea is Supported by : Russia + China !

The Yalu River divides China and North Korea.

China North Korea South Korea

China and North Korea have poorer economy compare to South Korea and Japan.

The yalu river forms part of the boundary between China and North korea

Of course, No. Korea is located in eastern of Asia. If you know about the location of China and Japan, Korea is between them. Korea is divided into North and South.

China and Russia border Korea in the north.

It is on the border between China and North Korea.

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