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If you have a valid reason for stopping the check, nothing can happen to you, but you may need to go to court to prove your case.

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No, the IRS does not have the legal power to take such action.

You can take legal action against a noisy neighbor. You can file a nuisance law suit. Before you attempt this, you should check to see what the noise regulations are in your area. This way you will know if the neighbor is in fact breaking these rules.

Legal action mean to initiate legal proceeding against the person who is liable for the act due to which you have suffered.

It is legal to do so as long as the reason for writing the check in the first place was not fraudulent, and as long as you promptly take other means to make good on the payment.

No. There is no immediate action for not taking advocates legal notice but there is every possibility legal proceedings may be initiated against you in the appropriate court of law.

It entitles the legal jurisdiction that 'wants' you to take legal action to remove you from another legal jurisdiction which is 'holding' you, and take you back to the 'wanting' jurisdiction.

Get the driver of the truck to pay for your damage. If he refuses you may have to take legal action.

You could stop buying it, and get other people to stop too.

It is not legal for a company to take any action against you because you are pregnant.

What action would you take if you had a concern about compliance with legal requirements that have to be complied with by an establishment providing services to the public?

can i take legal ation for being denied medical attention after having a seizure

A business has a separate legal identity from its owners. It can start legal action against another business or individual in order to protect itself. Other businesses and individuals have the right to take legal action against the business.

No legal rights to slaves. No freedom.

Post those pictures online, and let us see them. Then we can make a determination if you can take legal action.

Tell him ver sternly that it is all over between us, if you do not stop I will be forced to take legal action against you.

If a person is publishing or publicly broadcasting a lie about you, legal action can be taken. This offense is known as defamation of character and the offender can be sued.

i needs to know can i take legal action on this case since the pill was recall and i took the pill over a year

steps you take start or stop a problem i don't know

you are suppose to tell the bully to stop and if they dont then you are suppose to go tell the principal or the counciler that is how you take action against bullies

sure, you can always take legal action. Whether it is a smart thing to do or whether you have a likelihood of winning are two very different (and more important) questions. I assume the question that he/she asked meant to say: My ex's father went through my mail and opened a bank statement. is there any legal action I can take?

Writing a check on a checking account that is closed/inactive is a crime. Customers are not supposed to do that and if they do, the bank can report it and take legal action against the offending customer. The customer can be fined or jailed for doing so.

Tell the person to stop picking on them/defend family member/Tell another family member about it to take action/Let your family member know you aren't alone. If the picking increases, then take legal action. But violence NEVER solves anything, just saying.

Take legal advice on this one. He could be served with a court injunction. Or alternatively a lawyer could write to him and warn him that if he persists, legal action will be taken.

Yes you can. She is a legal adult. Her parents can't take any legal action.

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