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First, see the difference between Slander and Libel.

Slander is a tortious act, meaning that a person can be sued for slander. However, if the defendant acted in good faith and did not engage in malicious actions, or if the information provided was materially true, then the suit will fail.

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Q: What legal steps can you take if a former employer slanders a former employee?
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Is it legal to record a meeting between an employer and employee?

It is legal for the employer to do so. It is not illegal for the employee to do so, but can violate employer policies, jeopardizing your job.

Can a employer fire a employee for personal reasons?

An employer can fire an employee for any reason at all and need not explain to the former employee. Firing an employee for personal reasons that do not involve race, sex, age, religion, or disability is perfectly legal for employers of any size.

Is it legal for an employer to have sexual contact with an employee?


Can an employer refuse to verify employment of a former employee?

Not without consequences when it is questioned under oath. Not under oath, there is less of an incentive not to omit to respond, except where doing so would be unlawful. Employers often go no further than to verify the fact of a former employee's employment; that is, employers often decline to speak to any quality of the former employee's service in employment. This is done to avoid the potential for legal liability to the former employee for offenses such as defamation. It can be helpful to separate from an employer on good terms socially; however, the legal aspects of the implications to an employer as consequences of the former employee's separation from employment are the same regardless, and these would inform the employer's acts and omissions as regards the former employee notwithstanding the former employee's separation on good terms socially from the employer. Problems resulting from these consequences can be limited and their parameters determined through ongoing contracts and agreements between the former employee and the former employer.

What questions can a prospective employer legally ask a former employer for a reference check in Virginia?

The only questions that are truly legal are if the employee worked their and what their position was. They can also ask if they are eligible for rehire.

Is it legal for my former employer to tell employers not to hire me?

If the potential employer contacts the former employer, the former employer may say whatever he please about you as long as the information he gives is truthful.

Is employee provident fund liability of employer?

Yes, It is a legal obligation of the employer.

Is is legal for an employer to ask an employee to hand over a encryption key in order to monitor email?

Yes, it is legal for an employer to demand the encryption key to monitor employee mail. The computer systems and email accounts are property of the employer, not the employee.

Is it legal for an employer to charge an employee for food that spoiled?


Can an employer ask you when you are retiring?

An employer can ask an employee if they are retiring as long as it is not done in a way that does not discriminate. It is not legal for an employer to tell an employee to resign because of his age. Also, an employee does not have to answer if his boss asks if he is retiring.

Is it legal for a employer to have a copy of an employee driver license?


Is it legal for an employer to tape record a conversation with an employee without his or her consent?


What can you say about a former employee?

I would imagine that you are wondering if you can be sued for slander if you speak critically of a former employee. Generally speaking, it is legal to speak the truth. If you were planning to tell lies about your former employee, that could get you into trouble.

Are there legal risks for an employer to have an employee who is also a small business owner for a separate LLC?

how do you reducing employee risks?

Is is legal for an employer to make employee pay for repairs to a company car?


What are the legal bonds between employer and employee?

it is a male and female worker..x

Is it legal for an employer to take photos and video of employee when off the clock?

Get a lawyer.

Is it legal for an employer not to deduct or pay social security taxes from their employee wages?


Can an employer make an employee pay for overtime work incurred to another employee who worked overtime for covering the employee's shift?

I am not a lawyer, but I can't see this being legal anywhere.I can see it being perfectly legal for the employer to fire the employee that made them pay some other employee overtime, though.

How employer knows if employee legal?

By doing background checks on the employee before employing them. Some of these may be legal requirements and others due diligence in respect of the role the employee will be expected to perform.

Is it legal for employer to count waitress tip money?

It is illegal for an employer or manager to count and get waitress' tip money. If the employer or manager collects these, employee can sue employer for theft.

Can legal action be taken against the employer that gives a bad reference?

The only things that a previous employer can say are #1- if you are re-hirable and #2 - what dates you were employed there. The problem is that in order to take legal action you have to be able to 100% PROVE that the previous employer said more than that. An employer can give a negative reference for a former employee if they wish to, but they are not required to. The employer may be exposed to liability, or at least to the expense and distraction of a lawsuit, if it gives such a reference. The former employee may allege that the information provided was false or misleading. The burden of proof would be on the employee to prove what the employer said and how it was defamatory. Truth is a defense to the employer. For this reason, many employers have policies prohibiting giving any reference, positive or negative, and will only confirm the dates of your employment and last title. Some employers may disclose if you are re-hirable, but a non-answer or negative answer to this question could again expose the employer to claims.

Can my employer suspend my pay?

As an employee, you signed a legal contract with your employer. As long as it is within the terms of your contract, it is legal for your employer to suspend your pay. In addition, if you breached the contract, it is legal for them to do so. To know if you have breached your contract, or if suspension of pay is within the contract, you will have to review the document.

Can legal action be taken in an employer pushes an employee into another position with less responsibilities based on an anxiety disorder?

Can the employee perform the duties of the first job? If not the employer has a right to have the job he needs done.

Is a previous employer allowed to tell a prospective employer why an employee was fired in California?

Yes. The legal implications would only be if they lied and caused you harm.