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What legendary Pokemon are in diamond?

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the legendary in diamond are dialga, azelf, mesprit and usie.

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How many legendary Pokemon is there in diamond?

There is a total of 11 legendary Pokemon in diamond. That isn't including any event Pokemon.

What are the legendary Pokémon in diamond and pearl version?

the legendary Pokemon in diamond and pearl are dialga and palkia.

Can a Bidoof evolve into a Legendary Pokemon in Diamond?

No, a Bidoof cannot evolve into any Legendary Pokémon in Diamond.

How do you get past the person who wont let you into the road that leads to sunnyshorecity in Pokemon diamond?

You have to get the Legendary Pokemon for diamond or pearl. They are at the top of Mt. Mcorent. You have to get the Legendary Pokemon for diamond or pearl. They are at the top of Mt. Mcorent.

How do you catch legendary Pokemon after they have disappeared in Pokemon diamond?

you can't catch it because you already beaten the legendary

Is empoleon legendary?

Empoleon is not a legendary Pokemon. It is the final evolution of Piplup, one of the starter Pokemon in Pokemon Diamond, Pearl, and Platinum.

Were can you find Legendre Pokemon on diamond?

you can find legendary Pokemon by using your Pokemon tracker

What Pokemon do you get on Pokemon Diamond?

Well the legendary Pokemon is Dialga but most of the other Pokemon are the same.

Can you migrate legendary Pokemon to you Pokemon Diamond game?

Only if you have the legendary pokémon on your ruby,sapphire,emerald, firered or leafgreen. all legendary Pokemon from Articuno to Deoxys is migratable.

What leagendary Pokemon are in diamond?

The Legendary Pokemon in Diamond are Dialga, Azelf, Mesprit, and Uxie. That's all I know of.

What legendary Pokemon are breedable on Pokemon Diamond?

Manaphy is the only legendary that can breed but it can only breed with a Ditto to get a Phione.also spiritomb

Is there a cheat to get all of the legendary on Pokemon diamond?

Not all at once, you must put in the codes for one legendary Pokemon at a time.

Who is gardenia in Pokemon diamond?

i don't know, but giratina is a legendary Pokemon if you mean him

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