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Q: What lessons could be the story of Bu Shi be used to teach?
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Related questions

What lessons could the story of Bu Shi be used to teach?

I think morals. I am not sure myself. I have this for a hw question in history and to know ASAP.

Why did Jesus use stories to teach?

He used stories as they would relate to the present situation but could be used later in life. They taught lessons and how you should act.

What was mythology used for in ancient Greece?

it was to explain the unexplainable and to teach lessons

Did shakesopear write passion plays?

No. Shakespear was after the time of passion plays. A passion play is a play written and put on by the church to teach bible lessons. People couldn't read so the church used many ways to teach bible lessons.

Why is there a classroom in a gurdwara?

To teach Punjabi classes and lessons about Sikhism. Also used as a meeting room and library.

Why did Aesop use animal instead of people in his stories?

Not all of Aesop's stories or fables used animals instead of people. Animals are commonly used in fables so that people could read the story, enjoy it, and learn from it without envisioning themselves or someone else in the roles. This was a non threatening strategy to teach lessons without making the reader fearful of bad people.

Was Aesop important?

Very important. They (ancient Greeks) would teach Aesop's fables alongside Homers epics. Aesop used animals to teach life lessons to people.

What is Jesus' style of leadership based on?

Lord and follower. He used parables to teach his lessons to his disciples or students.

piano lessons cost $15. What expression could be used to find the cost in dollars of 5 lessons?

quatrer hundred


Both the square and compasses are architect's tools and are used in Masonic ritual as emblems to teach symbolic lessons

The Benefits of Typing Lessons?

Many people feel they do not type fast enough. Whether they have a job position that requires fast typing or simply wish they could type better, there are classes and lessons that are designed to help get people typing at a better skill level. Typing lessons are designed to teach typing students how to quickly and efficiently type, as well as different techniques that can be used to make typing even faster and more efficient.

How is music used in Christianity?

music is greatly used in Christianity to witness and teach. little kids are tought songs to teach lessons and help memorize stories. because christian music comes in a vaiety of genres it appeald to many types of is also used as a way to worship god and praise him

Why might a parable be used or even modified to teach different lessons in different gospels?

It is quite possible that Jesus used the same story more than once to illustrate different points and that the Gospel authors simply differed in which version of the story they selected.An individual Gospel author may have changed the setting of the parable to better illustrate the point he wished to make to his readers.

What is the purpose of scriptures?

Scriptures are used a textbook, basically. They teach lessons in accordance to the religion they are based or written upon, as to fulfill the expectations given out by leaders, alive or deceased.

What is a good way to start beginning guitar lessons?

A good way to start beginning guitar lessons is too get a guitar and a tablature book. The book will show you all the notes and fingerings that are used to play that instrument. After learning the fingerings and notes you can hire an instructor to teach you more.

What is a brief story used to teach us a lesson?

I assume that the synonym you are looking for is a 'parable', which is a short story, such as those Jesus told, which teaches a moral or spiritual lesson.

When is a condenser used in science lessons?

In science lessons, condensers are often used lessons involving physics. They can be used with water and other substances to show their reactions under different temperatures.

What are the purpose of myths and legends?

mostly they were used to teach lessons and morals to children but the question is who writes or creates these stories.Actually not for children as the Humans live and die for these Stories These are to be believed and are the core of a Religion and Humanity.

What is the answers to Foggy Figure?

How did Kelly hashway use foreshadowing In the fourth paragraph of this story tell what clue was written into the story and how readers could have used this clue to predict the ending of the story

Used parables or short stories with simple moral lessons to teach people to be kind to one another?

AesposJesus ChristPlato/Socretes

What do cheetahs teach their cubs?

Like many animals, cheetahs teach their cubs everything for basic survival. These lessons, when young, are taught through watching their mother. When old enough to hunt, these lessons are taught by a live specimen the cubs have to kill (i.e: the mother returns with a live animal in which the cubs must kill). Liker other predatory animals, when cheetah cubs play, they are learning the basic hunting techniques used in everyday life.

What could be used as a symbol in a story?

an aritifact with speacial meaning

What is a haftorah and what's it used for?

the hartorah is a reading from the books that follow the 5 books of the Torah;the Niveeim (prophets). it isn't really "used" for anything, it serves the same purpose as the Torah, to teach us lessons and to help us improve our life as a community and as individuals

What was the tool puritans used to teach their children?

The tool that Puritans used to teach their children was the New England Primer. It was also used to teach them Christian Catechism at the same time.

Why did aboriginals paint dot paintings?

The Aborigines in the central part of Australia used dot paintings because these matched the materials they had on hand, such as sand, rocks, and bits of plants. Each part of a dot painting is symbolic, and the Aborigines also used these to teach their children important lessons.

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