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What lessons does Santiago in the alchemist learn?

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Do not be afraid to fail

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What lessons does Santiago learn by working at the crystal shop?

Santiago Learns that he needs to follow his own dreams even if the others around him don't

Where does Santiago meet the alchemist?

in the oasis

Where does Santiago comes from in The Alchemist?


What story does the attacker tell Santiago?

In the Alchemist What story does the attacker tell Santiago

How old is santiago in the alchemist?

about 17 or 18

Who does santiago fall in love with in the alchemist?


What is the climax of the alchemist?

The climax of "The Alchemist" is when Santiago gets beat up and then realizes what his "treasure" actually is.

Why is it called the alchemist when the main character is Santiago?

It's because "alchemists" are people who search for treasure, Santiago is thus related to an alchemist as he is searching for treasure. -Chris Cz

In terms of books who is 'santiago'?

Try Hemingway's The Old Man and the Sea and Coelho's The Alchemist

What is the unspoken language in the book the Alchemist?

The unspoken language in the book is the soul of the world and how santiago achieves that with the alchemist

How was santiago the hero in the alchemist?

Santiago was a great hero he help the merchant get a lot of money that he had never had before

How does the old man convince santiago of his power in the alchemist?

The old man,tells santiago that there are omens ib,life

What pyramids did Santiago go to in the book the alchemist?

Pyramid of Giza in Egypt

Why did santiago in the alchemist have to go so far to find that his treasure was back home?

because that was apart of the journey to learn all these things and in the end he learns the treasure was where he started

The alchemist characters?

The Alchemist is a novel by Paulo Coelho. The story has several characters including Santiago, The Alchemist, Crystal Merchant, Englishman, Melchizedek, Fatima, Gypsy, and several others.

What is urim and Thummin in the alchemist?

i think it the are two stone that the king give Santiago

People like santiago existDo you wish to have that kind dreamthe alchemist?


How is santiago different from the shop's owner in The Alchemist?

IKD cause I am in 5th grade

What difficult choice does Santiago make when he meets the crystal merchant in the alchemist?

That he needs the money

What did the king of Salem give to Santiago in The Alchemist?

I figured it out now, In the Alchemist, the KIng of Salem gives Santiago a white stone named "Urim" it signifies no. The king also gives the boy a black stone named "Thummim" and it signifies yes.

What is the climax of the alchemist wrote by paolo coelho?

When Santiago starts digging for the treasure and after getting beaten by the thieves, he finds the treasure. This above has been written by someone other than me. The Climax of the story is when Santiago was able to communicate with the wind. This showed the world that Santiago was able to learn how to connect with the world and is able to speak the Language of the World.

What are some external conflicts santiago and the alchemist face?

the encounter with the thief and when he had to turn himself into the wind

What is the irony in the book the alchemist?

If you are talking about the Alchemist by Paulo Coelho then the irony is that Santiago has the dream travels to the pyramids but it ends up that the treasure is in the same place where he had the dream in the first place.

What simple lesson did the alchemist teach Santiago when they were first searched by tribesmen in the desert?

that his feet smell good.

What happened to the treasure in the pyramids?

In The Alchemist,Santiago finds that his true treasure is found back home in Spain.