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he doesnt

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Q: What level does Electabuzz evolve in Pokemon Emerald 386?
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What leval does ebuzz evolve Pokemon FireRed?

Electabuzz doesn't evolve in FireRed. Elekid evolves into Electabuzz at level 30.

In what level electabuzz evolves in Pokemon battle arena?

He doesn't evolve at a level. You need to have the item electrizer, give it to electabuzz, and trade it. Then it will evolve into electivire.

What level does eletabuzz evolve in Pokemon black?

Electabuzz does not evolve by level up. It needs to be traded with an Electirizer.

What level does electaguzz evolve into electicvire in pokemon firered?

Electabuzz is not able to evolve in FireRed.

When does elekid evolve in pokemon diamond?

When Elekid is level 30, it'll evolve to Electabuzz.

At what level does Poochyena evolve on Pokemon Emerald?

Poochyena is a dark type of Pokemon. In Pokemon Emerald it will evolve if you raise it up to level 18.

What level does aipom evolve in Pokemon emerald?

aipom does not evolve inpokemon emerald

What level does certain Pokemon evolve in Emerald?

Which Pokemon?

What level does electabuzz evolve in Pokemon black?

it evolves by trade holding Electrizer

What level will Pokemon evolve in Pokemon Emerald?

Be specific. What pokemon? ---------------------------------------- Most of them evolve at level 16 than level 36 :)

What level does electabuzz evolve at in Pokemon indigo?

I think level 50, or you need an item to trade him/her

At what level Does Rayquaza evolve in Pokemon emerald?

Rayquaza does not evolve.