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any level, just use a leaf stone

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What Pokemon evolve with a susoneon Pokemon ruby?

Gloom and Sunkern.

What pokemon evolves with a leaf stone on pokemon ruby?


Are Skull Boy and Ruby Gloom dating?

No they are not and i don't see how that's Pokemon cos ruby gloom is a TV show

Where is the Pokemon gloom in Pokemon Ruby?

Gloom can be found on routes 121, 123 and in the safari zone on Pokemon ruby. If you are looking for anyother Pokemon, I recomend they have all the info on Pokemon you'll ever need.

What Pokemon does a leaf stone evolve in Pokemon ruby?

gloom into vileplume.

How do you get Bellosom in Pokemon Ruby?

Use a Sun Stone on a Gloom

How do you evolve odish In ruby?

It evolves in Gloom at level 21.

What level does vileplume evolve in ruby?

you have to use a leaf stone on gloom or you can get a bellosom with a sunstone used on gloom.

Where does Ruby Gloom live?

Where does Ruby Gloom live?

What does oddish evolve into in Pokemon ruby?

Oddish evolves into Gloom in Pokémon Ruby.

What Pokemon evolve with a leaf stone in Pokemon ruby?

Gloom, Exeggcute, Nuzleaf, Weepinbell.

What Pokemon evolves with a leaf stone in Pokemon ruby?

Gloom, Weepinbell, Exceggcute and Nuzleaf

What do you need the sun stone for in Pokemon ruby?

its for evolving pokemon.. eg. gloom --> bellosum

What level does gloom evolve ruby?

Gloom doesn't evolve on it's own. It requires a leaf stone in order to evolve from a gloom into a vileplume.

Which Pokemon use sweet sent in ruby?

Oddish, Gloom, Tropius.

How many ruby gloom episodes are there?

ruby gloom have 40 episodes

What is the duration of Ruby Gloom?

The duration of Ruby Gloom is 1380.0 seconds.

Which Pokemon can evolve with a leaf stone in ruby version?

Weepinbell, Gloom and Exeggcute.

What Pokemon can evolve with a sun stone in Pokemon ruby?

Answer:Gloom, (and Sunkern but only through trading with Emerald)

What does the leaf stone evolve on Pokemon ruby?

The leaf stone evolves gloom into vileplume, and the sun stone evolves gloom into bellossom.

What Pokรฉmon does a sun stone evolve in Pokemon Ruby?

A sun stone evolves with a gloom and maybe even a sol rock too in Pokemon ruby.

How do you get belossom on Pokemon Ruby?

First you will need a Gloom so train an Oddish until evolves to Gloom. Once it's a Gloom use a Sun Stone and it will become Belossom.

What level does carvanha evolve in Pokemon Ruby?

In Pokemon ruby, carvanha evolves at level 30.

What pokemon evolve by sun stone in ruby?

Gloom can evolve to Bellosom with sun stone....

On which level does the Pokemon Phanpy evolve in Pokemon Ruby?

Phanpy should evolve into Donphan on level 25 in Pokemon Ruby.