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Actually, Happiny doesn't have to level up in order to evolve into a Chansey. You have to make it hold an Oval Stone first. Then Give Chansey a shiny stone to evolve it into a blissy.


Chansey evolves when you befriend it (not by a stone).

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Q: What level does happiny evolve into chansey?
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What level will happiny evolve?

a happiny evolves with happiness, not by level. when the happiness is really high, level it once, and it will evolve into chansey.

How can you get a level 60 chansey?

you have to catch one,of evolve it from happiny and level it up.

How do you evolve happiny to chansey?

Level it up in the day with an Oval Stone.

What does happiny evolve into?


How do you find oval stone in Pokemon pearl?

get Happiny. No you get CHANSEY to get the oval and when you get the egg it will be a happiny & you get the egg from the traveling man. And when you get a chansey give the oval stone to happiny and level up happiny and it will evolve into chansey!! hope i helped Edited by Babygirl14000

How evolve happiny Pokemon black?

In order to evolve Happiny, you need to give it an Oval Stone and then level it up during the day and that will cause it to evolve into Chansey.

How do happiny evolve?

First things first: you need an oval stone. After you get one (which isn't hard) you need to put it on your happiny. After this, level up your happiny by one level, and ta-da! a chansey. To evolve a chansey, just get it to love you. No problem! hope this helps! XD

What Pokemon can we evolve with an oval stone?

Only Happiny can evolve using an Oval Stone. Happiny will have to hold it during the day, then level it up to allow it to evolve into Chansey.

What is an oval stone?

Give it to Happiny and level it up during the day to evolve it into a Chansey.

In Pokemon pearl what if you want to evolve happiny but sold your oval stone?

You have to trade for Happiny holding an oval stone or go catch Chansey on route 209 and if you do one of those Happiny can evolve into Chansey who can evolve into Blissey or you can catch Chansey like I did and evolve it into Blissey.

What is the best way and easyest to eovle happiny?

The best and easiest way to evolve Happiny is to equip it with the oval stone and level it up in the morning or evening. This will allow Happiny to evolve into Chansey.

How do you evolve happiny?

Make it hold the Oval Stone and make it level up one level during the day and it will evolve into Chansey.

How does Happiny evolve into Chansey?

you have to have full friendship with it

When does hapiny evolve in Pokemon diamond?

You evolve Happiny by giving it an oval stone and you level it up once at daytime and it will evolveinto a Chansey.

How to you evolve happiny?

You need to make it Hold Oval Stone then after One level it will become Chansey!

What Pokemon can evolve with oval stone?

Only Happiny can evolve with this item. When Happiny holds the oval stone during the day, it evolves into Chansey when leveled up at any level.

What Pokemon will evolve with a oval stone?

happiny into Chansey

What Pokemon does an oval stone evolve?

happiny into Chansey

What level does happiny evovle in Pokemon diamond?

Happiny will evolve only when it has max friendship with its trainer it can be level 100 when it evolves if you don't treat it good the earliest level you can get Chansey is level 2!

Wht does a oval stone do in platinum?

You give it to a Happiny and level it up during the day to evolve it into Chansey.

Can a happiny breed?

no..... but if you level up happiny while its holding an oval stone between 4 and 8 pm it will evolve into a chansey, which can breed :D

What Pokemon can you evolve with a ovalstone?

You can evolve Happiny into a Chansey if Happiny is holding the oval stone and leveled up during the day.

Why won't your Happiny evolve into a Chansey?

Happiny evolves into Chansey only if Happiny is holding an oval stone. Also, you must have a HIGH friendship with it. (Same for Blissey, but no oval stone)

Who does happiny evolve into?

Happiny evolves into Chansey if it is leveled up while holding the Oval Stone.

What does happiny evolve into with the oval stone?

Chansey -Usyflad10 rules!!!!!!