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Haunter does not learn Hypnosis. Gastly starts with Hypnosis at level one.

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Q: What level does haunter learn hypnosis at on soul silver?
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What level does haunter learn hypnosis at on leafgreen?

It Learn Hypnosis At Level 16 Must Catch Level 16

What level does haunter learn hypnosis on FireRed?

Haunter should know Hypnosis already when it's caught.

What level does haunter learn hypnosis?

the only way haunter can learn hypnosis is to have two in daycare and it breed gastly the lvl1 gastly should know hypnosis hope i helped :)

What level does haunter learn hypnosis in Pokemon gold?

If you caught it as Haunter it will start with it. Same as Gastly

What level does hunter learn hypnoses?

Do you mean "Haunter"? Haunter should already know Hypnosis. If it doesn't, use a Heart Scale. This is not a wise comment, this is the answer.

How do you get the hypnosis TM in platinum?

There is no TM for Hypnosis in any of the versions of the game. Unfortunately, the only way to learn hypnosis is through breeding or your Pokemon leveling up. Level up haunter and it might get hypnosis.

What level does haunter learn hypnosis at on diamond?

Technically, Gastly had Hypnosis at level 1 and by the time you catch it the move has been overwritten by moves Gastly learns at higher levels . So, you need to obtain a Heart Scale in the underground and take it to someone in Pastoria City, who will then be able to teach Haunter Hypnosis.

What level does slowpoke learn hypnosis at?

Slowpoke doesn't learn hypnosis

What level does wobbufet learn hypnosis?

Wobbuffet cannot learn Hypnosis.

What level does snorlex learn hypnosis In Pokemon HeartGold?

Snorlax does not learn hypnosis.

What level does yanmega learn hypnosis?

Yanmega cannot learn Hynosis. However, Yanma can learn Hypnosis at level 38.

What level does gengar learn hypnosis?

Gengar knows hypnosis at level 0.

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