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What level does houndour learn flamethrower?

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Houndour learn flamethrower at 43 level (Pokemon platinum)

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Houndour will learn flamethrower at level 48

Cyndaquil can learn Flamethrower at level 37.

Blaziken can only learn Flamethrower by TM, as it cannot learn it by leveling up. However, as a Torchic, it can learn Flamethrower at some level around level 50.

Blaziken does NOT learn flamethrower. but torchiccan. at level 42 i think!

emboar learn flamethrower at levle 43.

Skuntank learns flamethrower at level 34.

it can't learn flamethrower by itself but you can give it the TM flamethrower, you get that from the game corner

He can't learn flamethrower.But you can give him a TM (flamethrower).

Quilava learns flamethrower at level 54

Blaziken cannot learn Flamethrower by leveling up but it can learn Flamethrower via the TM 35. Blaziken's pre-evolved form Torchic can learn Flamethrower at level 43.

Infernape can only learn Flamethrower via TM. It cannot learn it by leveling up.

Ninetales can't learn Flamethrower unless you use TM or make your vulpix lvl 24 where it will learn flamethrower then evolve it into a ninetales.

it learns the move flamethrower at level 42 or you could give it the TM

Growlithe learns Flamethrower at Level 39. GrateGrynGlobz

Vulpix learns Flamethrower at level 35.

Yes, Ho-Oh can learn Flamethrower, but not by level. It learns Flamethrower through the use of the Flamethrower TM.

Only its former evolution, Growlthe, can learn it before it. When you evolve Arcanine, it cant learn ANY of growlthes moves, but can learn extreme speed at level 33. Or you could just teach Arcanine flamethrower by using the TM flamethrower, otherwise, you will have to level up a growlithe until it learns flamethrower then evolve it into an arcanine.

Unfortunately, Arcanine does not learn Flamethrower. Your must level your Growlithe up to lv 50 to learn Flamethrower and then evolve it to Arcanine in order for Arcanine to have the move.

Arcanine doesn't learn flamethrower in any Pokemon games, if you want to teach him, give him the TM flamethrower (TM35). However, if you waited till lv 50, a growlithe can indeed learn flamethrower on its own. Unfortunately, arcanine would not learn extremespeed as a result. Ah but it does, if you get it up to level 50 it will learn flamethrower then evolve it using a fire stone and when it has evolved it will learn extremespeed soz if answer is a bit late

It doesnt you have to use a tm.

Growlithe can learn the move Flamethrower at Level 34. This doesn't change if you give it a Fire Stone and make it an Arcanine either. ~Lucario

Houndour evolves at Level 24.

Houndour evolves at level 24

In Platinum version Houndoom learns Flamethrower at level 48. in diamond and pearl Houndoom also learns it at level 48.

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