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It cannot learn Solarbeam. You must give it the TM Solarbeam.

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Q: What level does tropius learn solarbeam in Pokemon emerald version?
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Where can tropius be found in pokemon emerald version?

Route 119... Walk back and forth, they're not so rare, and not so common... So be a little patient...

Can you get Pokemon Generation 4 Pokemon in Pokemon Emerald Version?

No. In Pokemon Emerald Version, you can only obtain Pokemon from generations 1, 2 and 3.

When something says a Pokemon is rare in a certain area or game about how rare are the odds of finding it - ex tropius for emerald version?

Tropius? It's about a one out of 75 chance. Don't think about it when you are trying to catch it. My game is just extremely lucky. Every time I walk into tall grass I run into a rare pokemon.

Why can you not migrate red version Pokemon to emerald version?

Red version was not made to migrate with emerald.

Can Pokemon Emerald version battle and trade with Pokemon Pearl version?


Can you use emerald version in Pokemon coloseum?

NO you can not play Pokemon emerald in Coloseum.

Does Ruby and Sapphire versions have Pokemon the Emerald version doesn't?

ya it got couple Pokemon that emerald version doesnt have

How do you get pokemon emerald version?

Buy it.

How do you get soodowoodo in Pokemon FireRed version?

Get it from Pokemon emerald.

How do you get regigigross on Pokemon emerald?

You cannot get Regigigas on Emerald version.

Can you catch Entei on Pokemon Emerald version?

No you cannot catch Entei in Pokemon Emerald.

Will there be a new version of Pokemon Emerald?

There will never be a newer version of emerald but two versions go with that game that were made a year befor Pokemon ruby and sapphire Pokemon emerald was a speshel edition version of the two games

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