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Q: What level does your sim have to be in romance to get married and do you have to be in a certain place to propose in sims freeplay?
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How do you get sims married on the sims freeplay?

To get married on The Sims Freeplay (iPod Touch, iPhone, iPhone, etc.) you must be at least level 10 (it could be a higher level, so don't worry!). It could be possible to be married to the same gender, but it is definately sure that two sims of the opposite gender can be married, of course. They can be in the stage Budding Romance or higher. You must Be Romantic over and over until one of the options says, "Propose Marriage". It will be green the first time, and if you try to click it, it tells you that the sims have to spend more time together to become married. Keep clicking Be Romantic until the option Propose Marriage is a sparkly purple. You will now be able to propose! NOTE: MAKE SURE YOU HAVE A LOT OF MONEY, BECAUSE IF YOU BUY A CHEAP RING, THE SIM MIGHT NOT AGREE TO GET MARRIED. Your sims will then be engaged. You will have the option Get Married and your sims will then be spouses.

How do you get young adults on sims3 to propose going steady?

Just click on the Romance interaction and keep clicking on all romance things to do until propose going steady shows up!

What does benvolio propose as the cure for Romeo's romance problems?

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Can you propose in 2 player in sims 2?

You actually can! You have to romance them until they become your best friend and then there is an option called propose! Have fun ;)

How do you romance a woman?

By being yourself. :] ...and make us dinner.

When was The Romance of Certain Old Clothes created?

The Romance of Certain Old Clothes was created in 1868.

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Does frank lero from my chemical romance is married?

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Is mikey way still married?

Mikey Way from My Chemical Romance is still married.

Can you get married on the sims 3 on ipod?

yes u build up Ur relationship enough until Ur dating then go to romance and go to propose then after that do the same thing and get married should be there after or before u can then go to actions and press ask to move in also u can ask for a divorce or break up

Who sing A Certain Romance?

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How do you marry another sim on sims 3 for iPhone?

You have to start doing lots of romantic interactions and it should say that your sim has started a budding romance with the other sim. Keep doing romantic interactions and it should go from a budding romance to date to partner. Then you should see a propose marriage thing. Then if the sim accepted a button will appear saying get married. Then once you click that you are married to the sim. Do not do friendly interactions when trying to woo a sim.