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heracross learns close combat at a level of 37.

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Q: What level heracross learns close combat?
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What level does Heracross learn close combat?

heracross learns close combat at a level of 37.

What level does gallade learn close combat?

Gallade learns close combat at level 53

What level does staravia learns closa combat?

it learns close combat when it evolves in 2 stararapter

When does hariyama learn close combat?

Hariyama learns Close Combat at level 52.

When does cobloin learn close combat?

Cobalion learns Close Combat at level 73.

What level sawk learns close combat?

level 49

What level does heracross learn megahorn?

Heracross learns megahorn at level 55

What level Heracross learns megahorn?

Level 57

What level does Staraptor learn a new move?

As soon as it evolves, it learns Close Combat. At level 41, it learns Agility. At level 49, it learns Brave Bird. And finally, at level 57, it learns Final Gambit.

Can Lucario learn clost combat in Pokemon pearl?

Yes, at level 42 Lucario learns Close Combat.

What level does rioliu learn close combat?

Riolu doesn't learn Close Combat, however Lucario learns Close Combat at Lv 42 (DPPt, HGSS) and Lv 55 (BW,BW2).

Pokemon platinum when does staraptor learn a move?

Staraptor learns Close Combat upon evolving at Level 34, it learns Agility at Level 41 and Brave Bird at Level 49.