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What lighthouse was used in 'The Following'?

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The lighthouse is the Fire Island Light, on Fire island, a barrier island off Long Island, NY.

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What was used to build the lighthouse of Alexandria?

What materials were used to build The Lighthouse of Alexandria

What is another word for lighthouse?

Beacon is commonly used as another word for lighthouse.

How do you use a lighthouse?

they are used to call help

What is the oldest lighthouse?

the oldest lighthouse is the lighthouse of Alexandria

Is the Eiffel Tower a lighthouse?

No, the Eiffel Tower is not used as a lighthouse. The Eiffel Tower is being used as a landmark in Paris for tourist attraction, and also for radio transmissions and observatory purposes.

What is fort Sumter used for now?

It is used as a tourist attraction. From 1878-1950 it was used as a unmanned lighthouse.

Where is the shortest lighthouse?

the shortest lighthouse is in Oregon the cape mears lighthouse

What is a lighthouse used for?

Lighthouses are useful to navigate ships away from dangerous rocks near the shore. A lighthouse is a tower that emits light from lamps and lenses.

Are there any major man-made landmarks in Rhode Island?

Beavertail LighthouseBlock Island North LighthouseBlock Island South LighthouseBristol Ferry LighthouseConanicut LighthouseConimicut LighthouseHog Island Shoal LightsPoint Judith LighthousePrudence Island Lighthouse

Who lives in a lighthouse?

a lighthouse keeper

How many people did it take to built the lighthouse of Alexandria?

The Egyptians built the Lighthouse of Alexandria but put their slaves to work doing it. How many slaves were used, I do not know.

How do you say 'lighthouse' in Bulgarian?

LIGHTHOUSE['laithaus]n фар, маяк

What is the tallest lighthouse in North Carolina?

the tallest lighthouse in NC is Cape hatteras lighthouse

Is the concord point lighthouse haunted?

its not the concord point lighthouse its the gibralter point lighthouse

What is 'lighthouse' when translated from English to Italian?

"Lighthouse" in English is faro in Italian.

Why does Mississippi's license plate have a lighthouse on it?

the lighthouse represents the actual one on the Mississippi gulf cost (Biloxi). The lighthouse survived hurricane Katrina, and was used to symbolize the fact that eventhough Katrina ravaged the Mississippi gulf cost, Missippian's are survivors.

On Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver what is the SecretPotion?

You get it at the Cianwood City Pharmacy. It is used to Cure The Lighthouse Pokemon Ampharos. This answer is right-on. the pharmacy in Cianwood City in the Johto Region, and it is used to cure the ailling lighthouse Pokemon ampharos.

Is Cape Hatteras Lighthouse the oldest lighthouse?

No, the Cape Hatteras lighthouse is not the oldest lighthouse anywhere, not in the state, not in the world, not in the country. The Cape Hatteras lighthouse is, though, the tallest lighthouse in the United States. Actually, it is the tallest lighthouse in North America. It is one of the tallest brick lighthouses in the world, at 193 feet tall. If it is the oldest anything, it is the oldest lighthouse in the town of Buxton, being the only lighthouse in the town of Buxton.

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