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Q: What limited democracy in the indepent nations of latin America?
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Did South America establish democracy?

Yes, the nations of South America are democracies. Some South American governments are very corrupt, but they still are elected into office.

What nations have presidential democracy?


What nations have limited government?

Most nations have limited government. Those that do not are absolute monarchies and dictatorships.

What did ancient Greece have that other nations did not?


Is democracy practical?

In its pure form, in modern nations, no.

Does Hungary think the United Nations is a democracy?

Empirically speaking, the United Nations is not a democracy. A democracy must have two components: Demos (referring to a large sampling of people) and Kratos (referring to an authority or rulership) Since the United Nations has no effective sovereignty (kratos), it cannot be a democracy, but merely a group of people who talk and vote on issues. Hungary holds to this opinion.

How many nations are in South America?

there in 5000 nations live in south America . "Dr.Mohsen.tJafari" there are 5,000 nations that live through out south America

What type of government did most European nations have after ww1?

Most of European nations had Democracy gov after ww1

What made it difficult for the new nations to establish a democracy?


Why did america not join the league of nations?

america did not join the league of nations because

What obstacles slowed progress toward democracy for some African nations?

The obstacles that slowed progress toward democracy for some African nations was civil war, military rule, or corrupt dictators.

What are the nations that do not follow the democracy?

Some are:- China North Korea Cuba