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You're making your first mistake right there .... don't give her a line, but the truth. Walk up to her, ask her out on a date and take it slow and easy. If you really care for her and she cares for you then things will come naturally. Quit the "game playing" and say what you mean. If you get too fancy and give out too many "lines" to attract females you'll only get a reputation for it and be the loser. Good luck Marcy

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โˆ™ 2006-04-12 05:11:10
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Q: What line do you use to tell a girl you are interested in her?
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Can this plan work on a girl Tell her she is cute and ask her how you should approach a girl and get to know her then use what she gives on her?

It could work. It depends on the girl and how much information she gives you and how much insight that is into who she is. It's best, though, when you're interested in a girl, to be forward and to let her know you're interested. It's a risky move but the payoff will be better.

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