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What lines measure distance east and west of the prime meridian?


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Longitude lines. They are also called meridians.


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Longitude measures the distance east and west of the prime meridian.

Longitud is used to measure the distance of east and west from the prime meridian

Lines of latitude measure angular distance from the equator, that is north or south. Lines of longitude measure angular distance from the Greenwich or Prime meridian, that is east or west.

Distance from the Prime Meridian is measured in longitude.

The lines east and west of the Prime Meridian are called lines of longitude.

longitude measure distance north to south of the prime meridian latitude measures distance west to east of the equator

Lines of longitude pass from pole to pole, and the Prime Meridian passes through the Greenwich Observatory. London, UK, and is zero.

Degrees or lines of Longitude.Distance East or West of the prime meridian is measured in degrees of longitude.

The Prime Meridian is a Longitudinal line. That is, it runs North and South between the poles. Latitudinal lines run parallel to the equator and measure distance North or South of the equator. They run East and West, perpendicular to longitudinal lines. The Prime Meridian is at all latitudes.

If one of them is the "prime" meridian, what do you suppose the others might be called? If you guessed "meridians", you win.

longtitude and latitude are the lines used to pin point your location on the globe, are these the lines you are refering to?

Lines of longitude measure how far something is east or west of the Prime Meridian.

Longitude, which is measured east or west from the Prime Meridian.

Longitudinal lines run north and south.Longitude is the angular distance of a point's meridian from the Prime (Greenwich) Meridian.

The lines on a globe that run north and south are called lines of longitude, or meridians. They measure distance east or west from the arbitrary Prime Meridian or Greenwich Meridian, established as 0° longitude.

The Prime Meridian (of 0 degrees west or east) run north-south through Greenwich in London, UK. Lines that run north-south that are parallel to the Prime Meridian (but which meet at the poles) and which describe the distance west or east of this line are called lines of Longitude.Lines of Latitude describe the distance north or south of the equator.

Latitude and Longitude lines measure these distances. Latitude refers to the horizontal plain. Conversely, longitude refers to the vertical plain.

The lines of longitude measure degrees east and west of the prime meridian, but they don't directly measure distance. The lines of longitude all converge at both poles, and are farthest apart from one another at the equator. This is unlike the lines of latitude no two of which ever touch because they are circles that are parallel to one another with their centers located on the earth's axis. You can calculate distance between degrees of longitude, but you need to know the degrees latitude in order to do that.

The lines to the left of the prime meridian are negative.

Longitude,the angular distance east or west of the prime meridian.

Vertical lines parallel to the prime meridian are lines of longitude.

Any lines on a map or globe that join the north and south poles indicate angles of longitude east or west of the Prime Meridian.

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