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Hot or Cold water?? HOT!

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An apple left out because the oxygen reacts with the apple making it rot faster

If an apple is left in sunlight, it will be rotten in 4 days minimum. the sunshine is what will make it rot faster.

yes the green apple rots faster as i learned in a science fair project but it rot faster in salt water not in the open.

Lemon juice contains citric acid, a weak acid, but it will have have very little effect on the apple. but it will not make it rot faster it will make it rot slower

It will rot faster in room temperature than in a freezer.

The Banana will rot much faster than the Apple.

Bananas rot faster than apples because although both fruits will eventually be decomposed by bacteria, the banana is more exposed to these decomposers than an apple, causing it to rot faster than an apple.

Under the same conditions, a strawberry will rot much faster than an apple.

Well no since red is a yuckier colour than green so that is why gala apples rot faster!

Apple rot faster in hot climate .

Bananas are softer than apples and have simpler sugars. Thus, they are easier to rot and therefore rot faster than apples.

if it is sliced and exposed to oxygen.

Because the hydrogen in the apple causes it to morph into a rotten apple.

The apple will rot 2times faster than the normal air

Yes Because the sugar in the banana reacts faster than the acid in an apple.

Lemon juice preserves the apple and keeps it from oxidizing. People use it on apple slices to prevent them from browning. It does not make them rot.

yes it will .if u leave on the table for 2 weeks it will rot. if leave it in the refrigeraitor.

the apple will rot 2x faster than when you leave it out with normal air

There is more sugar in bananas, therefore will spoil faster.

I actually did an expirament on this topic. Red apples rot faster then green apples. This is due to the acidity in the green apple that keeps the green apple fresher. If you cut a green apple and a red apple in half, you will find that the red apple will start to brown slightly before the green apple.

No. but it will dry out.

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