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it's actually vinegar & salt because vinegar is an acid & salt is an abrasive.

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Q: What liquids can clean a penny the best?
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Which liquid will best clean a penny?

vinegar and salt and soda pop is best used to clean pennies.

What is the best liquids to clean a coin?

fir sauseTaco Bell Sauce

What is a good hypothesis for What type of juice cleans a penny the best?

If I test 5 different juices, which one will clean a penny the best

Can sprite or vinegar clean the penny better?

neither. the best way to clean a penny is by using some lemon juice and salt this is correct because i tried it

What material cleans a penny the best?

what materital clean pennies better

What type of liquid cleans a penny the best?

You are waiting for someone to tell you that Coka-Cola will clean a penny arent you?! Well it will! Try it for yourself if you dont believe me, just BE PATIENT with the experiment before you complain that it doesnt work & say I lied to you! Although Coke is not the best thing in the world to use if you want to clean a penny, (neither is it the cheapest). There are other liquids that will act in a similar way: Malt Vinegar, Lemon Juice, and various other household chemicals. Personally Id rather drink the Coke and stick the penny in a jar with some others! I would put a drink coke but not with the penny in it

What is the best method to clean a 1943 steel penny?

Do not clean a coin. It will ruin it. It decreases it's value by 70%.

Does sprite dissolve a penny?

can gatorade clean a old penny

What solvent can clean pennies best out of water vinegar lemon juice apple juice and sprite?

vinegar is the best way to clean a penny out of the choices given.

What do you clean a dirty penny with?

you should clean a penny wit Lemon Juice.

What 4 substances clean a dirty penny the best?

i think that ketchup,lemon juice,vinigar,tomato juice is the best

Basic liquids that cause a penny to rust?