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What live and never die?

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βˆ™ 2009-02-13 11:39:50

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god god

2009-02-13 11:39:50
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Q: What live and never die?
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Are poets important anymore?

Poets will never die.. The words poets write will live and never die..Poets are never not important

Do vampires live in eastern Carolina?

Yes They do, they live everywhere, and never die

Why do christain's die?

To learn that we will never live forever.

How can a person live if he dies?

i am the resurrection and the life whoever belives in him will live but will never die

Do the Quagmire's die in the series of unfortunate events?

The book never says if they live or die.

What season do ladybugs die?

ladybugs never die in a season if the live in a house but outside they die in fall

When did carmilla die and where?

Carmella never died. She still live

Where do pixies and fairies live and how long?

Forest and they never die

When did Greek myth die?

greek myths will never die. they will live forever in stories and in minds.

What if you never ate?

You would die..U must eat to live

How old can vampires live up to?

A stereotypical vampire will never die.

Did May Day die in Never Say Never?

of course not if you have questions e mail me at amigas59@live .com

When did Ares live and die?

Ares the Greek god was never mortal, thus never died and lived as people do.

Why Naruto will never die?

he has a demon fox inside of his that whats to live he will die from overusing demon fox chakra.

What day did george brady die?

The answer is that he never died... Hana Brady did die In the death chambers but George did live.

When did the goddess Diana live?

She never lived, being a goddess, she will never die. However, it was in the Roman era that she was widely worshiped.

You live as you will never die and you die as you have never lived who said it?

do you mean dream as if you'll live forever and live as if youll die tomorrow? that would be James dean, if that's not what you meant im not sure anyone famous said that...AnswerThere's song lyrics by Joe Dowell on Wooden Heart Album that include these words.

How long can wolverine live?

230 years about. agreed but he can never die because of the healing factor.

When turned into a vampire do you age quicker that normal humans?

No, the its just that you never die you live forever.

Insects living both on land and in water?

Insects only live on land They never live in water if they go into the water they die imidiately

When will Santa Claus die?

Santa doesn't exist! Yes, he does, and he will never die. He will live forever as long as there is at least one person who believes in him.

If sharks will ever die out?

some types may go extinct but sharks will probably never die out. LONG LIVE SHARKS!! :D

When you have cancer do you die?

If you receive treatment, you have a better chance to live. Many people never know they have cancer.

Will you jump off a building and live on poptropica?

yes you never die in that game i used to play it urwelcome

How do you say you will never die in Latin?

you will never die