What lives by the thames river?

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EMUS?? :-) I dare say there might be some emus there, but most of "what" lives by the R. Thames is "who" - they are called Londoners!
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What lives in the river Thames?

The fish species listed below are some of those caught in the River Thames between Fulham and Tilbury since 1964. The list is not necessarily indicative of the species that ar

What animals live by the River Thames?

There are several bird species that are found in River Thames, including The Mute Swan, The Canada Goose, The Mallard Duck, The Greylag Goose, The Great Crested Grebe, The Coo

Does anyone live near the river thames?

The River Thames runs right through the centre of London, England. Many towns and cities originate on the banks of rivers as they are valuable rescources for water, food and

What is good about living next to the River Thames?

This is a matter of opinion and the Thames varies along its length. The main advantages are the views of the river and its wildlife. All water is generally good for birdwatche

Do crabs live in the River Thames?

The answer is yes! We found part of a 17th century clay pipe at low tide today 08/09/12, by Wandsworth Park in Putney. When we got it home to clean it, we discovered a live ba
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What birds live on the river Thames?

EAGLES very wrong eagles don't live on river Thames but herons,Egrets,Pigeons and seagulls that is only some