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Fatigue failure is caused by fluctuating load. Fluctuating load is one in which the load value chages from a highest value to zer then to negative extreme, then to zero, and so on. Example:Compressing and expanding a spring can be taken as fatigue loading for understanding.

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What are the causes of the chemical spills?

Faults in parts of container and tubing and mechanical failure due to corrosion or fatigue or other scientific reasons

What are causes and effects of kidney failure?

There are several different diseases and other causes that lead to kidney failure. Diabetes and high blood pressure are two of the leading causes of kidney failure. Some of the effects of kidney failure include fatigue, loss of appetite, confusion, nausea, vomiting, weakness, and difficulty concentrating. Without intervention, kidney failure will lead to death as toxins build up in the blood.

What substance causes muscle fatigue?

The buildup of lactic acid causes muscle fatigue.

Causes of corporate failure?

causes of corporate failure

The failure of a material due to repeated stressing?


The fatigue strength of mild steel is?

The fatigue strength of mild steel refers to the certain conditions whereby the mild steel suffers fatigue failure.

The failure of a material due to repeated stressing is known?


Can Increased fatigue be a symptom of Chronic kidney failure?


Can Increased fatigue be a symptom of Chronic renal failure?


The failure of a material due to repeated stressing is knoen is?

fatigue !!

Does fatigue increase your activity level?

For most people fatigue causes a decrease in activity.

What causes engine failure?

There are four causes of the engine failure. The four causes of the engine failure includes engine overheating, lubrication problems, misassembly , and detonation.

What are the symptoms for liver failure?

A main symptom of Liver failure is fatigue. Another symptom of Liver Failure is Jaundice, this is yellowing of the skin, eyes, or gum.

What is the different between fatigue and creep?

Both Fatigue and Creep are causes of failure of a material at a stress value significantly below the Allowable threshold. They differ from each other in the sense that fatigue is defined as the failure of a material, subjected to multiple loading and unloading cycles, even though, in none of the instances, the applied stress crosses the Allowable stress value. The fatigue life of a material is usually specified in # of loading/unloading cycles it can undergo, without failing. The fatigue life decreases as the applied stress approaches the Allowable Stress. CREEP, on the other hand, is time related failure of a material. Creep, explains that a material subjected to a certain applied stress will continue to deform at that constant stress value. Hence, creep results in an increase in strain value while the stress is constant, until it causes the failure of the subject material. CREEP tends to increase with the temperature of the specimen

Depletion of stored glycogen causes?


What are the causes of muscle fatigue?

over exertion

Main causes of fatigue?

Being fat

What causes an afterimage?

by the retina turning fatigue

Which type of fatigue causes illness?


What causes radiator hoses to collapse?


What is the different between failure and fracture?

failure-loss of load carrying capacity. fracture-breaking of material in two piece due to application of load.

Causes of Failure of 1956 Constitution of Pakistan?


What are the symptoms of canine kidney failure?

The symptoms are vomiting, weight loss and fatigue.

Causes of market failure?

There are many causes of market failure. These causes could be internal like the loss of motivation or theft by an employee.

What causes pain and fatigue in muscles?

The build-up of lactic acid in muscles are the reason for fatigue and pain.