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What machine do the Americans have that they want to keep secret?


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We don't know, they're a secret.


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all rich men are commonly misers so they want to keep this as a very huge secret.

If a company is profitable they may want to keep their marketing a secret. If a company markets their company in unusual ways, they may want to keep it a secret.

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DON'T tell them or if you want to do the right thing tell them

It wouldn't be a secret anymore if I told you, now would it. Some things, celebs want to keep to themselves. That's why it's a secret hobbie.

He keeps himself hidden because (if you read the secret series) he does not want to be caught by the midnight sun members. Therefore, he must keep his name a secret.

you don't they want to keep it a secret cause not all of them are bad

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It means, "Do you want to hook up? But keep it a secret."On dlow is short for 'on the down low'. The fk part is short for a common vulgarity.

wew hha .. i want to keep it secret :P i don't want to give the answer haha...

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Because there is a secret government within the government that is sectret and they want to keep it secret and no one knows why they keep it secret or try to stop them from keeping it a secret because those who know why it is a secret keep it a secret. Something like that....anyhoos, they are willing to go to great lengths to keep their secret from citizens because if their secret is blown all hell will break loose and us good ol "we the people" might kick their evil-doing, egotistical, psychotic, unamerican, unpatriotic, freedom takin, liberty squandering, asses out and get some real results. Or I could have given you the short answer....whistleblowers are targeted because evil runs our system and they want to keep it that way. Evil never that on the highest authority.

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