What machines are used to plant and harvest soybeans?

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When do you harvest soybeans?

Soybeans are harvested in the fall - typically late September or early October. Early season varieties can be harvested a few weeks earlier depending on the weather.

What is a machine used to harvest corn?

a combine. these are made by John Deere, Farmhand, and other agrarian-equipment manufacturers and are usually dependent tractor attachments.- That is they are essentially driv

What are the disadvantages to planting soybeans on soybeans?

Soybean on soybeans causes a few problems. First, there is little ground cover with soybean production which leaves the soil vulnerable to erosion. Second, soybean cyst nemato

What is the optimum time to harvest soybeans?

When the plants have completely dried up and the beans inside the pods have dropped to about 15% moisture content. This will help prevent them from breaking apart in the combi

What do you harvest soybeans with?

In US industrial agriculture, dry, mature soybeans are normally harvested with a combine harvester. Smaller operations might use a smaller combine, perhaps towed behind a trac

What farm equipment would you need to plant and harvest a crop of soybeans?

First you would need a tractor in the 60 to 90 hp range. Then you would need a disk unless you were going to do No Till. Next you would need a planter. You could use a grain d

How is the soybeans harvested?

Soybean crops around the world have their own unique production cycles of planting and harvest timeframes. Below are the window of opportunities for planting and harvesting so