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What made Darwin think humans evolved from monkeys?

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Charles Darwin did not think that humans evolved from monkeys. Rather, he believed, based on many years of research in the fields of Biology and comparative anatomy, that anatomically similar species such as humans, apes, and monkeys probably evolved, over a period of many thousands of years, from a common, ape-like ancestor, now extinct. Recent studies in biology and genetics, using techniques not available in Darwin's time, have confirmed and further clarified his theory. In order to gain a further understanding of Darwin's thinking, you might want to look up "Charles Darwin" and "Evolution" in a variety of encyclopedias, such as Wikipedia ( High School and College textbooks of biology may also cover this topic with more or less completeness. Many fine books have also been written on this subject, including Darwin's "The Origin of Species and the Descent of Man" and the fine biographical novel, "The Origin," by Irving Stone.

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Do chimps and humans have almost the same hemoglobin?

Yes, in fact, they have about 99% of the same hemoglobin. This may be why scientists think humans evolved from monkeys, apes, gorillas, and/or chimps (chimpanzees).

Why do scientist think humans evolved from monkeys?

Scientists don't think humans evolved from monkeys. They do believe that humans are more closely related to modern apes than to monkeys, but they don't believe we evolved from apes either. Humans and modern African apes both evolved from a common ancestor. The understanding of human evolution comes from the evidence presented in the fossil records and similarities found with genetic research. Many scientists believe in Darwin's theory of evolution which states that organisms evolve over time to be able to adapt to the changing environment. He based his theory on the birds in the Galapogos Islands. There were birds on the mainland and on the island that were or used to be the same species, but the birds on the island had different features. They had these different features because of their environment. That is why some scientist believe humans evolved from monkeys, they think we learned to stand up straight and use weapons because it would ensure better survival in our environment.

When did you think that you evolved from monkeys?

We didn't. God created us, and there's no reasonable point to believe that we evolved from monkeys. It's just plain dumb.

Do monkeys copy and humans think?

yes i think so .

Did Darwin think that species evolved rapidly or slowly?

he thought the revolved slowly

Are humans civilized monkeys?

Yes, technically humans ARE civilized monkeys. But this is in my opinion. Scientists really do not know. Thank you other civilized monkeys who think this is correct :).

Are monkeys selfish?

well think about it, they are closely related to humans... are humans selfish?...

What is the reproductive process of monkeys?

I think it is the same as humans.

Why did Charles Darwin think humans were apes?

Darwin was the father of natural selection. He believed in evolution. But he never said he believed humans were apes or that they necessarily used to be apes. He never applied his theory to humans. Darwin did think that we were apes he had all of his therories and other research written and others found it

What makes humans different from all other species?

There is no such thing as species of humans. There are different Cultures. But we are the human race. A lot of People get Cultures of people and races of people mixed up. A lot of people also think that we are from monkeys. If you think deeply about it, we could never have evolved from monkeys. It is mathmatically impossible. I am sorry but this is not a correct question. So there is no real answer. Although, what makes human cultures different than other species is that we are much more intellegent. Monkeys are smart but humans are smarter

Do humans think and monkeys copy?

Monkeys cant read minds! Sometimes they can copy your actions but they are not sidekick or anything!

If a man evolved from monkeys and apes why do you still have monkeys and apes?

I think it is because some of them kept climbing the trees and others started to use 2 legs and stand straight there fore after doing that for a few years there semen would start to mature like that and there parents would have also made them procreate. They then probably stoped picking ticks off each other for food and started living like humans live todayThat's an excellent question. Man did not evolve from monkeys and apes. Man, monkeys, and apes ALL evolved from a common ape-like ancestor over 20 million years ago, at which time monkeys split off from the evolutionary line. Monkeys are strictly New World primates, found only in Central and South America. Apes are strictly Old World primates, found only in Africa and Asia. Humans and apes had common ancestry until about 5-8 million years ago, which explains why we share so much more of our DNA with apes, particularly chimpanzees, than we do with monkeys. At that time, human ancestors split off from the apes. So for the last 5-8 million years, humans, monkeys, and apes have evolved along separate evolutionary lines, which explains why monkeys and apes still exist. In that sense, monkeys and apes are as evolved as humans, but they are adapted to the environments in which they live. A good site where you can learn more about human evolution is the Smithsonian Institution Human Origins Program webpage. A Thought From Yivo 13 I think that when we evolved from primates the primates had evolved from somthing else, and when we evolve again primates will become the next humans.

Are monkeys and humans alike and if so how?

Humans are not monkeys but humans are like monkeys! How? Well monkeys have one pair of feet and so do humans. Monkeys have one pair of hands and so do humans. Sometimes monkeys even act like humans but humans don't mind because most humans love monkeys. Some are visious like some humans are and some are nice. They choose there own actions like humans do. That's why monkeys are like humans. They have a life like ours! Monkeys have almost a face like the humans, I think they all have the same amount of teeth, They both of five toes and five fingers, the same tpye of hands, the feet are alike but the humans toes became smaller the toes little closer to each other and the large. they both have nails

Did it really happened that humans evolved from apes?

I think it did happened. My teacher says it a theory that humans evolved from apes. My mother said it's a fact. Everyone has their opinions.

Who thinks that humans were monkeys?

We do not have to " think " anything. Humans and modern monkeys have common ancestry and that is a fact that bears thinking about. Your question is ill posed and has a mistaken assumption of evolution within it.

Why do people think humans originate from monkeys?

Because of a theory called Evolution.

What is the order in which humans evolved?

I think you're looking for a monkey-chimp-human sort of answer. However there is not a order in which humans evolved (and are evolving). Humans are most closely related to chimpanzees, followed by gorillas and then orangutangs.Not Orangutang->Gorilla->Chimp->Human.What I am saying is that the common ancestor of chimps and humans was around more recently than the common ancestor of humans and gorillas, which was more recent than the common ancestor of orangutangs and humans.After the close relatives you get monkeys then lemurs. Followed by rodents and then the rest of the mammals.

How do atheist think humans where created?

They do not think humans were created. Most humans believe that humans evolved over time from some other, now extinct, group of primates via natural selection.

Why are monkeys so alike to humans?

because monkeys were the first thing to make humans form in there shape cuz if you think about it monkeys are quite smart so that's how we got our intelligence and we learned more in school so we're twice as smart.

Why might Christians reject the theory that human being evolved from apes?

well most Christians do not think that humans evolved from apes because in the bible it says that god created humans from himself.

How do you use the word evolve in a sentence?

I think monkeys evolve from humans or some other things.

Are dolphins the cleverest animals in the world?

no it is the monkeys because they are like humans . that is my opinion and i think that it is true

How are humans affecting monkeys?

monkeys are big humans.haha i'm so funny now think and answer it ur self i'm in Romalia i'm stupid LOL

Do monkeys have thombs?

Yes, monkeys do have thumbs actually. Their bodies are much like human bodies by the way. In fact some people think that the human kind used to be monkeys way back then and then we evolved in the human-being, depending on people's theories.

Can you have a pet monkey in Kentucky?

You should be able to own a monkey in the state of Kentucky.Since we evolved from monkeys then we should be able to but the law against monkeys in Kentucky states that we cant but I think thats a bunch of bologna!!