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What made Darwin think humans evolved from monkeys?

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2009-05-20 23:30:48

Charles Darwin did not think that humans evolved from monkeys.

Rather, he believed, based on many years of research in the fields

of biology and comparative anatomy, that anatomically similar

species such as humans, apes, and monkeys probably evolved, over a

period of many thousands of years, from a common, ape-like

ancestor, now extinct. Recent studies in biology and genetics,

using techniques not available in Darwin's time, have confirmed and

further clarified his theory. In order to gain a further

understanding of Darwin's thinking, you might want to look up

"Charles Darwin" and "Evolution" in a variety of encyclopedias,

such as Wikipedia ( High

School and College textbooks of biology may also cover this topic

with more or less completeness. Many fine books have also been

written on this subject, including Darwin's "The Origin of Species

and the Descent of Man" and the fine biographical novel, "The

Origin," by Irving Stone.

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