What made Henry Ford famous or inspirational?

Updated: 10/22/2020
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He made a Ford car and ford is his name and ford nowadays is so famous

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Q: What made Henry Ford famous or inspirational?
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What car made Henry Ford famous?

The Ford Model T

What was the name of the car that made Henry ford famous?

I believe the Model T made Henry Ford famous. It was the first production line car.

Why Was Henry Ford Famous?

he was famous for making the assembly line that made cars faster and faster to build

What is the mans name who made Ford?

Henry Ford Henry Ford made the company!!!!

When was the first football made.?

Henry Ford

Why and when did Henry Ford make ford?

Henry Ford made the first ford assembly line in 1904 in Michigan

Who made Ford vehicles?

Henry Ford

Who made the first Ford?

Henry Ford

Who made the first Ford engines?

Henry Ford

Can I get an ignition key made for a 1991 Ford Escort made at a Ford dealership?

Henry ford

How did Henry ford change the ways car were made?

Henry Ford used assembly lines.

What is an advantage of Ford?

An advantage is that Ford Is a company That is named after Henry Ford he made the first car. . Henry Ford did not make the first car. Benz did. Henry Ford was famous for making the assembly line for automobile manufacturing in Dearborn, Mi. They also made their own steel at the River Rouge Plant, near Detroit, Michigan. Far as I know, there is no advantage of Ford. It might be a marketing gimmick but I grew up in the Motor City and never heard that phrase.