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he could sing good and he was a passionate man


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Nothing. Michael Jackson was a good man. Just misunderstood.

because he was rasied with good parents.

Berry Gordy, the man who signed the Jackson 5 to Motown.

He was very smart and very professional in his job.

The cast of Michael Jackson Man in the Mirror - 1988 includes: Michael Jackson as himself

Michael Jackson made songs like : heal the world,we are the world,man in the mirror ANSWER B: he also donated to tounes of charitys

Because, he is a legend. He is a good man and a good role model

Michael Jackson first became known to the public as a small child in the group The Jackson 5. The Jackson 5 was a singing group made up of Michael Jackson and four of his older brothers. As a young man, Michael Jackson began a solo career and became extremely popular with his hits "Beat It" and "Thriller". He's made multiple albums before his death in 2009.

No but he was accused of it, they found him not guilty. R.I.P Micheal Jackson 1958-2009 R.I.P. Michael Jackon =( we loved you xx he was a good man really

Nobody will be able to say all of them, but here are a few. The words they make are in capitals: michael jackSON (Son) MichAel jacksoN (Man) miCHaEl jaCKson (Check) michaEl jackSON (Nose) micHaEl jACkson (Ache)

It was directed by a man called Steve Barron.

Michael Jackson has probaly made around over seven-hundred billion dollars which is amzing but he worked hard to earn it.A great man xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

No he was never voted the sexiest man alive, or made it on to any of "sexiest" lists.

Michael Jackson is important to everyone in the music industry.He was a very loved man.

If you are referring to the 2003 documentary Living With Michael Jackson, the man is Martin Bashir.

Michael Jackson. The "Man in the Mirror" song was sung by Michael Jackson in 1988. The song made the Billboards Hot 100 for two weeks and was the fourth single released off the "Bad" album. This was Michael Jackson's seventh album release.

Micheal Jackson is a man and Janet Jackson is a woman

he is not ghost they just have to believe im mj and know that hes a good man he will never hurt any i love Michael Joseph Jackson

Michael Jackson is a human being, a man. Therefore, yes he is a real guy.

The Jacksons; An American Dream and Man in the Mirror; The Michael Jackson Story.

No, he was not bad but he was troubled.

The cast of The Man Who Killed Michael Jackson - 2011 includes: Steve Hewlett as himself

No, Michael Jackson was not crazy. Just because he did some weird and out there thing does not mean that he was. He was just a normal caring man who loved life, his family and his work.No he wasn't, people just didn't understand him so they made fun of him and made him look like some mad man.

Yes he was actually a nice man and a good father, and the really nice and funny Michael you see in the videos and on TV was Michael just being Michael.

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