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Why is Nelson Mandela a historical figure?

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Why did Nelson Mandela run for president?

Nelson Mandela didn't run for president they made him president without his choice

Who made belief sacrifices?

Nelson Mandela

How did Nelson Mandela make peace?

Nelson Mandela made peace by terminating the apartheid regime. Nelson also laid the foundation for a new democratic South Africa.

How has Nelson Mandela made an impact on others' lives?

nelson Mandela made a impact on other peole lices by beung the first black president in south Africa

What made Nelson Mandela famous?

he was in prison for 27 years!

How have Nelson Mandela made a significant contribution to humanity?

He didn't

What did Nelson Mandela do that made him famous?

Nelson Mandela was the first African President of South Africa. He fought for equal rights for South Africans during apartheid.

How did the apartheid make Nelson Mandela feel?

The apartheid made Nelson Mandela feel unhappy. He knew he had to make a difference in peoples lives, if he didnt, nobody would.

What are the positive effects Nelson Mandela had on society?

Nelson Mandela has made a positive impact on people by allowing South Africans to become president and to govern their own country.

What did Nelson Mandela do that helped others?

Nelson Mandela ended apartheid. Apartheid literally means apartness, and the Whites were discriminating against the blacks, coloureds, and indians. Mandela stopped thi discrimination and made everyone equal.

What tough decision did nelson Mandela make?

The tough decision that Nelson Mandela made; in my opinion; is the cancellation of racism and imposing equal human rights irrelevant to color or religion.

What effect did nelson Mandela have on south Africa?

There are quite a number of effects that Nelson Mandela had on South Africa. He tried to end apartheid and unite all the citizens which made him a legend in the country.

What is Nelson Mandela personality?

Nelson Mandela's personality which made him Africa's greatest leader was a sense of forgiveness and embracing his enemies.

What was the name of Nelson Mandelas speech?

Mandela has made many speeches, few have names.

How has nelson Mandela made the world a better place?

he has brought freedom back to the world

What is an example of how Nelson Mandela made an appeal to his audience's sense of ethos?

expertise and acknowledgment

Who said 'Your greatest fear is not that you are inadequate'?

Made in inaugural address of Nelson Mandela

What did Nelson Mandela do to change life?

he made the black and white nation become one

What are experiences that made Nelson Mandela important?

Going to jail for the right of other black slaves.

What characteristics made Nelson Mandela a great leader?

Mandela is the a great leader because he had a vision, theme, Trustworthiness, Modesty, coolness (Remaining calm), and Clearness.

What did Nelson Mandela do while in power?

he stoped apartheid and made everything fair to the world. like racism

Why was nelson Mandela a symbol of hope?

He did a lot for South Africa which made people know his history from birth

What were changes DeKlerk made in south Africa?

He helped put an end to apartheid along with Nelson Mandela

How many group did nelson Mandela do?

he created 2 the Mc and was part of the ANC when the group was closed Nelson was sent to jail then was released and was made priesent of the ANC

What changes did Nelson Mandela make?

Nelson Mandela was the President of South Africa from 1994 until 1999. He not only worked to change the country during his presidency, he took action throughout his life. Some of the changes Nelson Mandela made was to transition South Africa away from the racist policy in place by the apartheid. He was also a strong supporter of education throughout the country.

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