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What maintenance needs to be done to a Jet Ski while in the winter season?


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May 16, 2008 5:41AM

Always follow the manufacturer's recommendations.

1. Before storing a Jet Ski for the winter, remove each spark plug and pour a capful of 2 cycle oil into each cylinder. Replace the spark plugs and turn the motor over with the starter a few times to coat the insides of the cylinder walls. This will prevent corrosion and rust from harming the cylinder if condensation gets in the cylinders.

2. Drain the gas tank and fuel lines. Fuel can get gummy over the winter.

3. Remove the battery from the Jet Ski. Check the fluid levels and add water if necessary. Place the battery in a dry place off the floor. Hook the battery up to a slow trickle charger to keep it charged over the winter.

4. Be sure all water, dirt, mud or other debris is removed from the Jet Ski. Store your Ski clean. Cover the Jet Ski with a sheet, preferably in a dry shed or garage away from direct sunlight and elements.

5. At the beginning of the Ski season, re-install the battery, add fuel. Be aware that the Ski will smoke excessively until the oil used in step 1 above is burned out of the cylinder. This will not harm the Ski engine. If desired re-gap and clean the spark plugs.