What major events occurred on 19-07-1989?

United Airlines flight 232 originating out of Denver headed for Chicago's O'Hare airport experienced a catastrophic structural engine failure that cut through all three redundant hydraulic systems on the plane making it virtually impossible to fly. Only able to execute left turns and gain and decrease altitude and speed through pushing and backing off the throttle controls, the flight crew crashed the plane on landing at Sioux City, Iowa resulting in the deaths of 111 of the 296 people on board. In spite of this, the fact that so many lives were saved was a testament to the ingenuity and skill of the cockpit crew that day.

Joe Carter, playing for the Cleveland Indians, had hit three home runs in a single game for the fourth time in his career.

Former Los Angeles Angels pitcher Donnie Moore shot and killed his wife and then turned the gun on himself in an apparent murder-suicide. He was despondent over a pitch he threw to Dave Henderson of the Boston Red Sox in the 9th inning of a playoff game that would have sent his team to the 1986 World Series. Although, the home run did not decide the game, he would be haunted by it the rest of his life.

The Very Reverend Michael Mayne, Dean of Westminster Abbey, announced that the ashes of Sir Lawrence Olivier would be buried at the Abbey at poet's corner.