What major setbacks did William Wallace do for Scotland?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: What major setbacks did William Wallace do for Scotland?
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What major achievements did William Wallace do for Scotland?

none, he died. and his army got slaughtered

How many fights did William Wallace engage in?

William Wallace fought in two major battles the Battle Of Stirling Bridge which he won and Battle Of Falkirk but also was in several small battles due to using guerrilla warfare

What is the major religon in Scotland?

Church of Scotland which is Presbyterian.

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What are William Wallaces major accomplishments?

William Wallace was a Scottish rebel and he accomplished what he sent out to do. He helped inspire other Scottish rebels to fight for the independance of Scotland against the English. He also killed many English in the process and was a great person for stratigizing battles.

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What has the author William D Major written?

William D. Major has written: 'William P. Major' -- subject(s): Biography

How did William Wallace die?

He died for freedom and peace in Scotland, that every man should have independence. He deceived the English laws when reaching breaking point after they killed his family when he was younger and now his wife who he had just married. He claimed that Scotland should have it's own rights and after his revenge on the English lord in the village others followed him and they gathered as a country to win their freedom in Scotland against the king of England Edward. From a patriot he became the 'guardian of Scotland' and leader of the army. He would then fight numerous battles outnumbered against the English army's, he rejected any negotiation offer and continued to pummel through the army's winning minor battles and major battles (The battle of Stirling bridge). During this he did not sleep and have a affair with Princess Isabelle as seen in the film 'Braveheart', this is unlikely because Princess Isabelle was born 1295 meaning she would be less than 10 years old unlike the film where she is 17 years old, so they did not have a child. It is not known if he had a strong friendship with Robert the Bruce, what happened after suggested he did as after the death of William Wallace, Robert the Bruce became king and took influence from William and succeeded him, finishing the war and claiming Scotland's independence. The capture of William Wallace was supposedly set up by John III Comyn (traitor of Robert the Bruce) as he was powerful in both countries England and Scotland and jealous of William as he was the 'guardian of Scotland' until William Wallace took it. It is believed that when William Wallace attempted to visit Robert the Bruce, he was captured under the nose of the England army and taken to London where he was questioned for treason. In a year's time Robert the Bruce would see the betrayal in John III Comyn when the English captured William Wallace and accompanied by two guards he murdered him with his blade and then years later he lead Scotland to victory. When given the question on if he wanted to surrender to King Edward he refused and was then given a torturing and painful death sentence. The sentence was horrific. He was taken from the courtroom and dragged naked through the filthy streets of London for locals to jeer and jostle at him, believing he is full of evil as the locals never knew the rapes to Scottish women, murders to anyone questioning the unfair laws such as the sexual rights (in where the supreme English lord of the village would sleep with the Scottish wife on the first night of a wedding to bring more English babies) in Scotland. After being dragged through the streets down to the bone, Wallace was executed by the most brutal method devised by medieval justice. First he was hung. Then while half alive, he was stretched out on a rack. As he gasped for a last breath, he watched as his stomach was burned in front of him. Finally, he was beheaded, and his body quartered. Their is now a statue of Sir William Wallace located in Aberdeen and a monument near Stirling in memory of his life and his willingness to find freedom and their is also a statue of the successor of William, Robert the Bruce statue can now be found at Edinburgh Castle. From patriot William Wallace fought for his dead wife and transformed into a unforgettable national hero as he was the first to stand up against the English. Unlike King Edwards, His army wasn't forged through money or to look strong in front of other countries, but it was made because he influenced the Scots and they then fought and bled for their own independence and in the end it was the courage of the Scots that won their freedom.

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being killed and eaten by canibals.