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Fashion Merchandising, Visual Merchandising, Marketing, and Management.

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Q: What majors are available at LIM College?
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When was LIM College created?

LIM College was created in 1939.

Where is LIM College?

LIM College is stationed in New York, NY.

What is LIM College's motto?

LIM College's motto is 'Where Business Meets Fashion'.

Do college have majors for communication?

Yes, there are communication majors.

What are some college majors?

Every college has different majors, and all should have a list of the majors they have available on their websites. Here are some common majors: Art History Math Economics Communications Pre-med Pre-law Dance Theater English Biology Chemistry Physics Computer Science Engineering

List of college majors?

Criminal justice, nursing, and engineering are common college majors. Also, psychology, sociology, arts, and dance are other common college majors.

Do you capitalize college majors?


What percent of college athletes make it to the majors?

About 5.6% make it to the ncaaa college and from there about 10% make it to the majors.

What college majors involve sewing?

A few college majors that involve sewing are:fashion designfashion merchandisinginterior design

What majors are offered by Coe College?

Coe College have a variety of different majors you can choose from. Some majors offered by Coe College are Music, Nursing, Art, Computer Science, Environmental Science, English, History and Writing. There are many other majors you can find out about on the official Coe College website.

Is LIM College one of the best schools for fashion?

LIM college has been named one of the best in the Northeast College. This was done by the Princeton Review, well known to all as one of the most prestigious reviews on College campuses.

Are all college majors compatible with ROTC?

Yes, all majors are accepted by ROTC

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