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for girls they r black and or white chruch shoes with a little dress hill

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Q: What make is the school uniform in the current clark's shoes advert for kids?
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What is another word for uniform school?

school uniform

What does a children school uniform look like?

Every school that requires a uniform has a different uniform.

How do you spell school uniform in french?

l'uniforme scolaire school uniform

Where do you get school uniform from?

A good shop for school uniform would be Dancers.

Can I wear my old school's uniform in my new school which doesn't have a uniform ( My old school uniform is green jacket and green skirt )?

Assuming there is no 'dress code' in your new school - there's nothing wrong with wearing your old school uniform.

What is the coolest school uniform?

JAPANESE SCHOOL UNIFORM is definitely the coolest in the world

Should you wear a uniform to school?

Whether you should wear a uniform to school is decided by the school's dress code policy. Uniforms can help promote a sense of equality and focus on academics rather than fashion. However, some argue that uniforms restrict personal expression. Ultimately, it depends on the school's values and goals.

Should there be uniform in school?

Uniforms in schools can help promote a sense of equality among students, reduce distractions related to clothing, and create a sense of belonging to the school community. However, uniforms may restrict students' freedom of expression and individuality. Ultimately, the decision to implement uniforms in schools should consider the specific needs and values of the school community.

Do the students who wear school uniform do better?

There is no direct correlation between wearing a school uniform and academic performance. Factors such as teaching quality, student motivation, support at home, and school resources play a larger role in student success. Uniforms may promote a sense of community and equality among students, but they alone do not determine academic success.

Why is school uniform important?

because school uniform is easy to identify schools if their are going on a school trip with their class

Is Alexander graham middle school a uniform school?

no it is not a uniform school because im going there next year

How do school uniforms make school safer?

School uniforms can help make schools safer by promoting a sense of unity and equality among students, reducing instances of clothing-related gang affiliations or bullying, and making it easier to identify intruders on school grounds. Additionally, uniforms can help prevent distractions and conflicts related to clothing choices.