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Becaide of the shape of the wings. The wings are made so that when you go forward the wings push up and then you fly. The engines push forward and the wings push up using the forward motion

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Do aeroplanes fly in the troposphere?

Yes, aeroplanes fly in the troposphere

How long after thyroid surgery can you fly in aeroplanes?

with in 48 hours u can fly in aeroplanes.

How do aeroplanes fly in the sky?

by raders

If aeroplanes couldn't fly?

then there is no point of them

Why do aeroplanes have a streamlined body?

to fly

What can pilot do?

Fly aeroplanes and helicopters

Does aeroplanes go over the Mount Everest?

Aeroplanes can fly at the same height as Mount Everest but they do not directly fly over the mountain but near by.

Can aeroplanes fly over pyramid?

Yes. They can fly over anything.

Can aeroplanes fly to Mars?

if you want them too

What can a pilot do with a pilots license?

fly aeroplanes

How do people fly and poop?

There are toilets in the aeroplanes.

Which layer of atmosphere is ideal for flying aeroplanes?

stratosphere is the second layer of atmosphere it is the layer where the aeroplanes can fly

Why are aeroplanes made of allaminium?

aeroplanes are made of aluminum as they will become lightweight to fly easily and are strong for safety

Can children fly aeroplanes?

it depends if they had traning and how old they are

Who makes aeroplanes?

lots of compaines

How many aeroplanes fly to Heathrow airport daily?


What allows planes to fly?

Aerofoil shaped wings and air pressure allows aeroplanes to fly.

How do you use fly transitive and intransitive verb?

transitive: We fly aeroplanes and helicopters. intransitive: We fly almost every day.

What is the only animal that can't fly but can fly?

Humans! We have developed helicopters, aeroplanes etc to overcome our inability to fly, so we "can't fly", but we can! :-)

Can aeroplanes fly through lighting?

it depends if the aeroplane is in an airport on in the air

What can fly in the sky?

birds flys bees aeroplanes helicopters jets

Can you fly Aeroplanes on Grand Theft Auto IV?

yes you can but not too many

How do airplanesfly?

aeroplanes fly because their density is lower than the density of air

Why couldn't aeroplanes fly during the iceland volcano?

cuz thy suked

Which layer can aeroplanes fly without needing pressurised cabins?

at ground level

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