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What south American country achieved independence from Spain in 1811

The scandal that emerged when Reagan left office involved

What is official American policy that stated that disorder in Latin America could force the US to send its military into Latin American nations to protect America

What is an organized program of selected information used to spread a belief to a group of people

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Q: What makes Cuba's government different from US's government?
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What government did the USS MAINE belong to?

The US.

Why is the uss Arizona floating?

ITS NOT! The USS Arizona sunk on December 7 1941. The way you think its floating is its a totally different battleship. the ship that is floating is the USS Missouri.

Who built the USS monitor?

The USS Monitor was commissioned on January 30, 1862.

Was USS Nevada different from other ships?

no. It just became a monument

History of uss dortch battleship?

USN battleships were named after US states; such as the USS Arizona, USS California, USS Nevada, USS New York, USS Texas, USS Tennessee, USS Oklahoma, USS Alabama, USS South Dakota, USS Washington, USS Mississippi, USS West Virginia, USS Utah, etc.

How man frigates were used in the war of 1812 by the US navy?

there were 8 frigates on the American sife- the USS Constitution, the USS John Admas, the USS President, the USS United States, the USS Constellation, the USS Boston, The USS New York, and the USS Congress

What were the names of the US aircraft carriers involved in World War?

To name a few: USS Bismarck Sea USS Lexington USS Yorktown USS Hornet USS Wasp USS Princeton USS Gambier Bay USS St. Lo USS Liscome Bay

Which is bigger USS Arizona or uss Missouri?

USS Missouri.

Name of any famous aircraft carrier?

USS Enterprise, USS Lexington, USS Saratoga, HMS Ark Royal, USS Franklin D. Roosevelt, USS Hornet, USS Yorktown, USS Essex, USS Nimitz,USS Ronald Reagan, and many others.

How was money raised to build the USS Arizona?

The U.S. Government pays for all Military, including Navy, expenditures.

How many q-ships were there is World War 2?

5. The USS Atik, the USS Asterion, the USS Big Horn, The USS Captor, and the USS Irene Forstyle.

Does the video game fallout have a connection in the storyline to the other fallouts?

No. Because they are in different parts of the USS