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her name is emily and the book is about emily


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A round character in "A Rose for Emily" is Emily Grierson. The round character refers to main characters that experience changes and conflicts.

A Rose for Emily was written by William Faulkner in 1930. Emily Grierson, the main character of the story, was considered to be quite insane rather than eccentric by many of the other characters.

The main theme from A Rose For Emily is death and tradition/change.

That a single woman of strong character and aristocratic standing can control an entire community through force of will.

One theme of the short story "A Rose for Emily" is the comparison of tradition and change. Impending death is another main theme of the story.

The main character is bothersome, the minor character makes the main character not so highlighted.

There's several. Rose, Lissa, Dimitri, Christian. Main: Rose, its roses perspective.

Emily is the MC. The surrounds her, the other characters are just there to feed the story and give it some oomph...

A main character is usually the protagonist (good guy) in a story. The story revolves around them, their adventures, their encounters, and their memories. The main character is often the narrator of a story but doesn't have to be.

William Faulkner used plot in 'A Rose for Emily' with a unique setup unlike many writers. He begins with a conflict that happened before the main conflict in the story and many of the main events are all jumbled up in between.

The main character Rose was played by Kate Winslet.

main character is rose there is mummy indigo saffy caddy davis sarah and more

Yes, she was. Kate Winslet played the main character Rose DeWitt Bukator (Rose Dawson).

There really is no name for that person. It's just a character that makes life miserable for the main character. She/he doesn't really have a name at all.

The person or persons who are essential to the plot of the story are the main characters. If they story can still happen without them, they're not main characters.

The Red Ranger is the main character in Power Rangers Samurai however other characters are capable of being the main characters as well depending on the episode so there are instances in which Lauren is the main character or Emily their Yellow Ranger is the main character or Mia their Pink Ranger is the main character or even Kevin their Blue Ranger is the main character.

It's no mystery if you know what a main character is. The main character is the one that the book focuses on, the character that makes the important moves, and is generally the one that readers associate with the most. In this case the whole series is named after him.

the two main characters are Jack Dawson which is played by Leonardo Dicaprio and the character rose but i am not sure who acts out here character

In literature, a protagonist is the main character. Harry Potter is the main and prominent character in the Harry Potter Series, so that makes him the protagonist.

A minor character who helps a main character is almost like the companion of the main character or had something to do with helping the main character in a period of time....That is what a minor character who helps the main character is

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