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because of its marine life and its wildlife

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2009-05-12 20:20:43
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Q: What makes New Zealand a special destination compared to other places?
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Do kiwis live in hot or cold places of New Zealand?

Kiwi are found in a selected range of places all over New Zealand, both warm temperate and cool temperate. In reality, compared to other places in the world, New Zealand has very few areas which could be classified as "hot".

Is New Zealand an overrated travel destination?

Unless you have a quite specific interest in kulture, then New Zealand would not be high on your world list of places to visit. However if wilderness experience and scenery are your thing, then New Zealand may well suit you.

Where do bombardier beetles live?

In places such as new zealand

What are the names of the places in New Zealand?

There are many thousands of places in New Zealand

What is a seasonal tourist?

A seasonal tourist is an arrival during a special season. While a destination is most visited in summer, it is called the summer tourist destination. Same like, there are winter tourist destination, monsoon tourist destination and more. And during this time the travelling sources (trains, flights or car rentals) on these places play the major role.

What does destination?

destinations are the places people are going 2.

Places in new zealand that starts with the letter I?

Invercargill is a city in New Zealand. Inglewood is a town in New Zealand.

Is Africa an expensive travel destination?

most places in Africa are

Places like the shire?

Matamata in New Zealand

What are the famous buildings and places in New Zealand?


How much it costs to get to Mexico on a plane?

It depends on departing and destination places.

Is Greece a good holiday destination?

Yeah! it has lots of places to see.

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