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What makes it a true SS is that it came from the factory as an SS. Beware of a clone. Many a standard El Camino has been turned into an SS and sold as a authentic one. The VIN # will tell you if this one is for real. The SS package was only available on the Custom Pickup and included a special instrumentation panel with a black steering wheel and column and an "SS" hub emblem. It also included 15x7 inch sport wheels, F60x15 white-lettered bias ply tires, a sports-type remote control outside body colored rearview mirror, power disc brakes, and high output battery. Interestingly, only the LS5 carried external engine ID; they carried "SS 454" badges. All others only said "SS." So beware of fakes.

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Q: What makes a 1972 Chevy SS El Camino a true SS?
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