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Low coolant?
Cooling fan not working?

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Q: What makes a 2001 Lincoln ls run hot only with air condition on?
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Lincoln is havn`t timing belt,there only chain :-)

What type of gasoline is used in a 2001 Lincoln LS?

Use only premium gas (*high octane) in the Lincoln LS.

Is there more than one fuel filter on a 2001 Lincoln Towne Car?

No, it has only one.

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In the left rear tire, only visible while vehicle is moving in reverse

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well i just replaced mine in my 1985 Lincoln Towncar only because you can only change it by taking out windshield, I have already tried taking the front seats out- needless to say that's the only way Peace Out, Matt in KC

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Is there a relay 1 in a Lincoln LS 2001 fuse box?

According to the 2001 Lincoln LS Owner Guide : Yes , the fuse panel diagram for the fuse panel in the front passenger footwell shows " relay 1 " but doesn't show what the relay is for ( it's the only relay shown in that diagram )

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IT is a 8" sub woofer an there is only 1 located in the rear of the car on the passenger side.

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How do you test coil on plugs on 2001 Lincoln LS to find out which ones are bad?

the only way I've found is to hook the car to a computer and see which cylinder has been misfiring.