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Q: What makes a bigger explotion coke and Mentos of Mountain Dew and Mentos?
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What effect does Mentos have on diet Mountain Dew?

Makes you gassy and you get a bad stomach ache!!

Who makes Mentos gum?

Perfetti Van Melle makes Mentos.

What makes coke and Mentos react?

the holes in the mentos

Who makes Mentos?

Mentos are made by the manufacturer Perfetti Van Melle.

What makes soda bottles blow up with Mentos?

soda and mentos

Does climbing mountain steps make butt bigger?

no way it makes it smaller

What makes Mentos erupt soda?

the mentos have pits in them and they have carbon dioxide in them and it gets realest

What makes a soda explode?

Mentos in coke

What else makes coke explode?


What makes the best coke and Mentos explosion?

use 13 mentos and 2 liters of diet coke

What makes Mentos melt?

To make mento's melt you would need to explode them and to do that you need to put the mentos into Coke or Pepsi

How does Mentos and coke make a reaction?

The mentos reacts with the coke and fizzes.It also makes lots of bubbles and BOOMS out of the bottle.

Why do Pepsi and Mentos explode?

its the gas in the Pepsi that makes it explode.

What substance makes Mentos react?

Carbon dioxide (CO2)

What makes Mentos with Diet Coke explode?

because its AWESOME

What candy makes Diet Coke exsplode better?


What candy makes Diet Coke erupt the most?


What makes the biggest soda explosion shaking it or adding Mentos or both?

Mentos makes a geyser shaking it just make it fizz over the top but if you take diet coke and two mentos put in the mentos then the top really quick and shake it up and throw it on the street (far away from you) you will be pretty satisfied.

What does Mentos have in it that makes coke explode?

The chemical that is in mentos that make coke explode is nothing but the explosion is caused be holes on the surface of the mento

What do you need to make a soda volcano?

Material for the volcano: clay, paper mache, etc. Soda: works best if its diet Mentos: react with the diet soda and makes it expand or get bigger .

What chemical in a Mentos that makes soda expolde?

holes blue 125

What ingredent makes the mentos and Diet Coke explode?

the buffoon ingredent

Why does Mentos react with regular coke?

it makes it shoot out the bottle, the coke.

What kind of candy makes a liter of coca cola burst?


Why does coke and mint Mentos react?

It makes big boom boom! ;)