What makes a biodiversity hot spot?

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What is an area that is most rich in biodiversity?

hot spot

Definition of biodiversity hot spots?

A hot spot in environment terms, means a biome (habitat) that is severely losing its biodiversity and is under threat from humans.

An ecological hot spot is an area where?

habitats and species show a high amount of biodiversity.

Animals in Mediterranean biome?

Grey fox, Jack rabbit and more and more... there are many species, hot spot biodiversity.

What are the five Hot Spots on the Earth?

There are more than just five hot spots throughout the whole Earth. There is the Tasman hot spot, the Hawaii hot spot, the Galapagos hot spot, the Yellowstone hot spot, Easter Island hot spot, Bouvet hot spot, St. Helena hot spot, the Canary Islands hot spot, and then Iceland hot spot.

Is mauna kilauea volcano a hot spot?

Kilauea is not a hot spot. It was formed by a hot spot.

What is the hot spot What is the hot spot of earth?

hot spot are that places on the earth where there is the chances of magma emission

How does high biodiversity affect an ecosystem-?

Biodiversity makes the ecosystem more stable.

Is villarrica located on a hot spot?

Villarrica is a hot spot

What makes a healthy ecosystem?

biodiversity makes a healthy ecosystem

Is a sun spot a hot spot?

No, they are two different things. A sun spot is a cooler spot on the sun and a hot spot is a violent explosion

Is mount Katmai on a plate boundrary or hot spot?

on a hot spot

Is mauna loa on a subduction zone or a hot spot?

Hot spot

What causes hot spot?

Plates moving over the hot spot

Is parinacota a hot spot?

it is not a hot spot they can afford a police system

Is rabaul on a convergent or divergent or a hot spot?

well its not a hot spot

Is kilauea volcano a hot spot?

No. It is a volcano. It was formed by a hot spot.

What is the blind spot and why is it called this?

a blind spot is when someone stares at the light and it makes a spot in there eye that makes them blind.they call it a blind spot because it makes you blind and it makes a spot in your eye.

What boundary is a hot spot volcano?

Hot spot volcanoes are not associated with plate boundaries except where the hot spot is coincidentally near one.

What characteristic of biodiversity?

it makes up a person..

What makes Mauna Loa erupt so much?

It erupts so much because it is in a hot spot

How can a volcano form at a Hot Spot?

it can formed if the hot spot is still active.

Where does a hot spot form?

A hot spot is formed on or near a plate boundaries.

Is eyjafjallajokull a hot spot volcano?

Yes it is a hot spot and plate boundary.

Is Mount Kilauea a hot spot?

Yes, Kilauea is associated with a hot spot.