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You can spend your money without having to withdraw cash first.


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Well first of all a checking account is much better than a savings account and that is how it is better

RBS bank is a good quality bank to start a checking account. For the most part they follow all same procedures the average bank does which makes things easy to follow.

Often times high yield savings accounts do not require a minimum balance. These accounts can also be set up in addition to an already existing checking account you may already have which makes it easy to transfer funds.

A company open a business savings account because it makes transaction and payment much easier. You can read more at

The Average savings account yield would be 3.5% per year from 2008 onwards. It was the same until 2010. In 2011 the Reserve Bank increased the savings account interest rate to 4%. This makes India the country that offers the highest interest rate on savings account.

No. A Savings account can only be opened by the individual who is going to own and operate the account. Proxy account openings are not allowed in the banking industry. Unless the customer makes a trip to the bank, he/she cannot get a bank account opened.

i was able to locate a internet bank called incredible bank it yields an interest rate of 1.21% anyone can apply online for a checking account and makes its service available to most anyone they insure all accounts 250,000

The benefit of having a a savings account is that your money is safe and protected in a bank. Not only that but there is an interest rate which will add to you account generally at the end of every month. It also makes your money more easily accessed.

Paying your Verizon bill directly on the website makes keeping your account updated easier. You don't have to worry about mailing in your payment or stopping at a bank. You can make your payment online using your checking /savings account or credit card.

"Tesco Savings a supermarket banking service found mainly in the U.K. They service have services in-store, by telephone and online. Tesco Savings is an up and coming service that makes it convenient to bank."

A savings account is one in which customers save their monthly savings and they are not like the current account. Though the money is available at any time for the customer to withdraw, money is not as frequently deposited/withdrawn from it like the current account. Hence banks offer a meager interest rate for the money held in this account. Money grows in a savings account because: a. The account holder usually makes small deposits regularly into the account b. The money in the account earns a small interest and hence keeps growing in value

A personal checking account at most banks offers extra benefits. Most banks have promotions and deals in place to entice customers to their company. Consumers must be careful when selecting a personal checking account. Many banks have rules written in fine print that can negatively affect the person's finances. One new feature many banks are using is the overdraft protection. The idea of this system is to have the checking account attached to a savings account. When there is a shortage of funds in the personal checking account, the money is pulled from the savings account. The fee for this service is nominal and it can save a customer a lot of money. Free checks for the life of the personal checking account is one special that many banks run. This incentive is a motivation for many customers to switch their bank service. Today's financial market is competitive. Banks have to stay on the cutting edge to keep their customers and win new customers. A personal checking account can be very convenient. Most banks have online checking services available. Many customers enjoy being able to set their bills up on automatic bill pay. Their bill will automatically be paid on time each month. This eliminates late payments and late charges. Also, online checking eliminates the need to run to the bank often. This wastes both time and gas. Many transactions can be completed over the internet. This option has become prevalent throughout the banking industry. Additionally, some banks participate in a savings program that is automatically taken from the personal checking account. When a customer makes a purchase, the purchase amount is rounded to the next dollar. Any money in excess of the purchase is automatically deposited into the savings account. Consumers must be vigilant about getting the best value for their money. The federal government has just created a agency to watch over the banks and other financial institutions. Hopefully, this agency will be able to reduce the fraud that takes place within financial institutions. The consumer pays the heavy price of these fraudulent practices. It will be interesting to see in the future what ramifications these new laws will have on personal checking accounts.

In order to open a checking account one must have identification such as a driver's license. A person must also have a social security number. This information is used to open the account. The account information shown on the checks will include the name and address of the account holder, the account number and bank routing number.

Well a "Savings" account also known as a "Share" account is a way of you as your personal money manager to keep your money in an insured (FDIC for Banks, NCUA for Credit Unions) environment, that earns interest often higher than checking accounts, and its a way of participating with the economic world you live in. The money you place into a Savings account will be used by the bank to make investments, loans to others, etc. and in return that is where your interest comes from the money the bank makes off of those investing and financing activities. However, it must be recognized that in most all occasions interest earned on regular savings accounts are considered taxable income.

Owning a personal savings account is one of the best things that a consumer can do to ensure that they are financially secure. A personal savings account is a bank account in which a consumer can save and earn interest on his or her money. This money can be left to earn interest or can be withdrawn and spent as the customer pleases.The Benefits of a Personal Savings Account:There are a number of benefits associated with owning a personal savings account. The first benefit of a savings account is that it will keep your money safe. Instead of keeping your money in your home, where it can be lost or stolen, a bank will ensure that nothing happens to your savings. Even if the bank were to go out of business, the contents of most savings accounts are insured by the FDIC for up to $100,000.Another benefit of owning a personal savings account is that it will help a consumer become financially secure. It is extremely important for every consumer to have an emergency fund or savings of some sort. This will help consumers avoid getting into financial trouble if they lose their job, become sick, or get into an accident.In case of emergency or in time of financial need, a savings account holder will have their savings to keep them afloat until they can reestablish their finances. This backup money can be the difference between getting behind on bills and making it through a difficult financial time. Owning a personal savings account will also encourage consumers to save. Knowing that you have a safe place to keep your savings and watch it grow, may be the push needed to begin building your savings.The Different Types of Personal Savings Account:There are many different types of savings accounts. Different banks will offer different interest rates, charge different fees, and require different minimum balances. It is important to understand a bank's policies and terms before opening a personal savings account.Many banks also allow customers to manage their accounts online. This makes it extremely convenient to deposit money into the account, check the account's balance, and remain aware of your financial situation. While the types of personal savings accounts may differ by bank, these accounts are always a great resource to have for the future or in case of emergency.

The annual percentage yeild, (APY) for an online savings account with Emigrant Direct is subject to change as is any banking service. However, they have proven to be very competetive in the Annual Percentage Yeild, (APY), when compared to other major saving institutions. There are no fees with their online savings accounts, which also makes them a leader in the field of online savings services.

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There are a number of reasons why a consumer would want to open a checking account online. Online checking allows consumers to make deposits, withdrawals, and manage their finances right from their computer. This is not only saves consumers from making trips to the bank and waiting on long lines, but it makes it easy for consumers to access their accounts and assess their financial situation no matter where they may be.Open a Checking Account Online in Four Easy Steps:1. Compose a list of local banks and online banks that offer free checking. If you already have a savings account from a specific bank, then it may be more convenient to open a checking account online with the same bank. However, it is still a good idea to make a list of your available options. There are a wide variety of online banks, as well as traditional banks that allow customers to manage their accounts online. Make sure you are aware of your choices before opening an account.2. Decide what you need in a checking account. Some banks require that customers make a deposit when they open an online checking account, while others do not require a deposit. It is also important to decide whether you prefer to earn interest on the money in your checking account. While, this is a great way to earn a bit of extra money, these checking accounts often require customers to keep a minimum balance in their account at all times. Therefore, it is important to decide what kind of account will be the most beneficial, before applying to open an account.3. Compare the features of a few different online banks. Different banks will have different terms and policies. Some banks will allow their customers to use any ATM, while others require customers to use specific ATMs or pay an additional fee. Additionally, some banks charge their customers a monthly fee to keep their account, plus overdraft fees and other fees. It is important to know exactly how much you will be paying for your checking account before making a decision.4. Apply for an account with the bank you choose. To open a checking account online, simply go to the bank's website and apply. Most banks will require new customers to supply certain personal information, including their name, address, and social security number, when opening a new account. Once this application is received and accepted, new customers can begin to enjoy the convenience and ease that online checking offers.

"Yes they do, you will receive a gift card upon opening a free checking account, amounts can start at 75.00. This makes it a good incentive to open an account with WAMU, who couldn't use an extra amount of cash as a gift."

It differs from bank to bank. Each bank has different types of checking accounts that require different balances because they get diffrent benefits. For example, Wells Fargo has a checking account called the PMA checking, which stands for Portfolio Management. To keep it free you need to have $25000 or more in combined balances, including 10% of your mortgage. Combined balances means the total of all your accounts with Wells Fargo. This account gets bonus interest rates on savings accounts, gets all check designs free, entitiles the owner to 100 free stock trades per year in a wellstrade account, makes any other account the owner has free without a minimum balance, waives the fee on a line of credit, and gets other perks. Usually MoneyMarket checking accounts require high minimum balances because they earn the highest rate of interest.

Its a transaction deposit account where you can deposit or withdraw money from using checks or automated cash machines. It allows more than one withdrawal and that's what makes it different from other accounts.

Let's qualify the answer: All property not otherwise disposed of either during a person's life or by operation of law upon death. For example: A checking account that has a designated POD (payable on death) beneficiary named in the bank's records, would generally not be subject to probate. If Joe opens a checking account and makes Jane the POD beneficiary, then upon Joe's death, the checking account proceeds automatically go to Jane. They are NOT subject to probate.

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