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Contrary to popular belief, most Fairy Tales do not begin with "once upon a time" or have a happy ending. They are the folklore of many different countries, and are often fables, teaching some kind of lesson. Some are happy, many are sad, and most are ridiculous. However, they are loved by many and cherished tales that are passed down through the generations.

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A fairy tale is a traditional story that typically includes magical elements, such as talking animals or supernatural beings, and often features moral lessons or themes. These stories are often set in a fantastical world and involve characters facing challenges or embarking on a quest. Fairy tales are passed down through generations and typically have a happy ending.

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A fairy tale takes place in a land that is far, far away. It usually starts off as "Once upon a time" in a story and has magical characters.

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Q: What makes a fairy tale a fairy tale?
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