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What makes a good news story?

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Good paper, big words ( make you sound smart), loads of pictures and some colour along with a MASSIVE title. :D

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What is a good story?

A good story pulls you in, makes you believe. A good story makes us laugh, makes us cry, but isn't that what a great story is about? A good story is irresistible. Even the title draws you in. You know it is a good story when it makes you feel; makes you paint a picture in your mind; makes you believe what that character is saying. And that is what a good story is about.

What makes news?

Usually Crimes Robbery's Unusual or Exciting news. depending on what your story is about most news channels will be interested to hear any type of story!

What is good news?

Good news is something that makes you feel happy. It is something that makes you feel happy and excited sometimes.

What makes a good newspaper?

paper with good news

What makes a good story opening?

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What is a news enclave?

A news story surrounded by another news story

How did television news change the way news organizations thought about stories?

The story needed dramatic visuals to be good.-apex

What makes a Children's story good?

a really good story for children is a adventure one superman

What are the release dates for The Good News - 1997 A Christmas Story 1-13?

The Good News - 1997 A Christmas Story 1-13 was released on: USA: 16 December 1997

Is it beneficial for news reporters to make rhetorical statements in presenting the news?

Yes, rhetorical statements makes a news more effective or good to hear.

What is a news story?

A news story is simply a story that appears on some sort of news outlet. It might appear on a TV channel or in a paper.

Difference between news story and news feature?

news story based on one event, where as, news feature based on series of events. news story consist of basic information and news feature based on value additions. news story has inverted pyramid style, where as, feature has essay style.

What is a good crisis for a spy story?

Essentially everything that made recent headlines. Take any news story and base a spy story on 'what if?'. Use a search engine to find the latest news stories and take off from there!

Define New and What do you mean by 5W's and 1H the news?

You are asking about the 'news' that appears in newspapers and on the TV news. There is no 'new', it is just 'news'. A good newspaper story in its first paragraph should answer the questions 'Who What Where When Why' in regard to the subject of the story. 'How' might be the other word that belongs here.

What are the qualities of good writers?

A good writer does the following:makes vivid mental images in the reader's mindmakes the reader care about the characters and the storyentertains the readermakes the reader sad that the story has ended

What makes a good story ending?

A good story ending makes sure that every detail is tied up at the end. It is also helpful if the ending evokes emotion in the reader.

What actors and actresses appeared in What Makes a Good Story - 2013?

The cast of What Makes a Good Story - 2013 includes: Milosh Gabrilo as Milosh Andreas Quiroga as Andreas

What is a title of a news story called?

The title of a news story is known as the headline.

What should a well written news story contain?

A well news story should have who, what, when, where, and how

What is good news and bad news?

the good news is

Why is the media good?

When multiple copies of an article or news story are made it helps preserves history.

What makes the word of god a good news to the powerless and bad news to the powerful?

It all depends upon the mentality of the peoples actually, for me its true.

Is it true that Michael Jackson died 20 years ago?

No, that story is from a site that makes up fake news for a laugh.

How do you identify elements in a news story?

You can identify the elements of a news story by reading it very carefully.

Is this a good story introduction does it capture the reader's attention?

yes it is a good story introduction is when it makes the reader feel like reading more

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