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biodiversity makes a healthy ecosystem

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plants and animals in a healthy ecosystem

"How could you decide if an ecosystem is healthy or not? "

a healthy ecosystem has the same amout of producers and consumers! ha

One of the characteristic of a healthy ecosystem is soil

Healthy ecosystems mean healthy people. A healthy ecosystem is productive and has abundant clean water. People have fewer diseases in a healthy ecosystem. They have more food when the ecosystem is healthy.

After a natural disaster occurs in a healthy ecosystem, secondary succession will cause the ecosystem to return to its original Climax Community.

Dead organisms matain a healthy ecosystem by decomposing and making fresh soil for the plants.

Ecosystem is the environment in which man lives. He has to keep it healthy.

A frogs ecosystem is a bushy wetland as that is where they help their food web/chain have a healthy ecosystem. :)

what makes our commuity healthy

it makes an ecosystem more stable

it may keep a species from overpopulating an area and keep the ecosystem healthy

well, it it the earth's way of recycling, so yes, it is healthy!

they dont keep their ecosystem healthy they instead protect it

It makes the ecosystem more diverse.

It makes the ecosystem more diverse.

Bacteria helps you stay alive and healthy and fight off bad germs.But there is some bad bacteria wich makes you sick.

Rock is considered an ecosystem because based on the definition of ecosystem. A rock is happens to be in our environment which makes it part of our ecosystem.

By removing population it makes the ecosystem bad and by adding to the population it makes the ecosystem better

It makes the ecosystem able to survive disturbances.

Biodiversity makes the ecosystem more stable.

so it stays alive and healthy.

'''Calcium''' makes milk healthy for our bones.