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One of the characteristic of a healthy ecosystem is soil

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Q: What is one characteristic of a healthy ecosystem?
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What are the different characteristic of most ecosystem?

the answer of characteristic of ecosystem is what happen to your life it means it is ecosystem like full,benefits,guidelines or any of ecosystem.

What makes a healthy ecosystem?

biodiversity makes a healthy ecosystem

What are balanced in a healthy ecosystem?

plants and animals in a healthy ecosystem

How could you decide if an ecosystem is healthy or not?

"How could you decide if an ecosystem is healthy or not? "

What is a healthy ecosystem?

a healthy ecosystem has the same amout of producers and consumers! ha

What are the characteristic of artificial ecosystem?


What are some ways people benefit from healthy ecosystems?

Healthy ecosystems mean healthy people. A healthy ecosystem is productive and has abundant clean water. People have fewer diseases in a healthy ecosystem. They have more food when the ecosystem is healthy.

Why is ecosystem with large population of one of species considered to be not healthy?


How does scientist can determine the health of an ecosystem?

A scientists determines the health of an ecosystem in a number of ways. It is a judgement call, but in general a healthy ecosystem is one that is self sustained.

What are the different characteristic of ecosystem?

high biological diversity

What does an ecosystem need to be healthy?


What happens after a natural disaster occurs in a healthy ecosystem?

After a natural disaster occurs in a healthy ecosystem, secondary succession will cause the ecosystem to return to its original Climax Community.

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