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Hot molecules moving makes a good heat insulator

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Q: What makes a material a good insulators of heat?
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A material that is not a good conductor of heat is a called an?

Insulator, same as for electricity. An example of insulators (of heat) is Styrofoam.

Why are things with a low density good insulators?

A good insulator is a substance that does not allow energy to flow very quickly when there is a temperature difference between two areas. The most important component of good insulators is stationary air because air is a poor conductor of heat. Good insulators contain millions of tiny air spaces, which slow heat conduction through them. Thus, the heat is "kept in" or "kept out". Insulators with a lower density means there is space between the particles/molecules of the material. Having the right density is critical in whether a material makes a good insulator or not. If there is not enough density, air will flow too quickly through the material; if the density is too high no air will be trapped in the material and cool air will flow quickly to the other side.

What material stops or slows the movement of electricity or heat?


What is in an example of a good insulator?

A material or an object that does not easily allow heat, electricity, light, or sound to pass through it. Air, cloth and rubber are good electrical insulators; feathers and wool make good thermal insulators.

Why do certain materials make good heat insulators?

Cuz of insufficient presense of electrons in the external shell of such material's atom

Good insulators of heat?


Are insulators good conductor of heat?

Insulators are the complete opposite of conductors. Insulators insulate the heat, but conductors let it pass straight through.

Is thermoplastic is a good insulator of heat?

yes thermoplastics are good insulators of heat

What material conducts electricity but not heat?

Many materials conduct heat reasonably well, but are fairly good insulators where electricity is concerned. One example would be glass.

Are diapers good insulators?

diapers are good insulators because they hold in the cold and and heat but is a bad conductor

What is a good insulators against heat?


What material provides the best heat insulation?

Cotton, Bubble Wrap, Thick Towel are all pretty good insulators. Also polystyrene.