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Memory foam is made from chemically-altered polyurethane that reacts to body heat, allowing the pillow to form to the users unique shape. The polyurethane used is of a higher density than normal, an attribute that results in the memory-foam keeping its shape, rather than returning to it's original form.

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Q: What makes a memory foam pillow unique?
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What is memory foam?

Memory foam is made up of a polyurethane foam material with is molded into a form of a mttress, pillow, and so on.

Of what material is a memory foam pillow made?

A memory foam pillow is made with visco-elastic polyurethane. The higher density foam will shape according to your body heat. Lower density foam shapes itself from the pressure of your body.

Is it okay for a 5-year-old child to sleep with a memory foam pillow?

Yes it is ok for a 5-year-old child to sleep with a memory foam pillow. There are special memory foam pillows that are made for children 3 and up.

What is a memory foam pillow?

A memory foam pillow is a pillow made from visco-elastic foam. Visco-elastic foam was developed by NASA in the mid to late 60's. VE foam is a dense foam that is heat sensitive and will acquire the shape of the object that rests against it. It will return to its original shape after a short while after the object is removed.

Where can one purchase memory foam pads for pillow cases?

Memory foam pads for pillow cases can be purchased from many retailers and stores. Some examples of stores that stock memory foam pads include Bed Bath & Beyond and Sleepy's.

What qualities do I need in a lumbar pillow?

Adjustments, gas pump, design, and price are the things you need to look for when you are getting a lumbar pillow. (Look for a foam, or memory foam pillow).

Where can someone purchase a memory foam neck pillow?

There are many places where one can purchase a Memory Foam neck pillow. Some of these include Amazon, eBay, TempurPedic, JCPenney, Walgreens, and Brookstone.

Where can one purchase a contour memory foam pillow?

A contour memory foam pillow can be bought from a variety of places. These include a good bedding store, some homewares stores, or a large department store.

Can you use a memory foam mattress topper on a pillow top mattress?


How To Choose The Right Memory Foam Pillow?

Many people are choosing memory foam mattresses over traditional mattresses, because of their ability to form to one’s body and offer comfortable support. However, what many people don’t know, is that there are also memory foam pillows now available, that offer the same support to the head and neck. For those that suffer from frequent stiffness or neck pain, a memory foam pillow may be the solution. How To Choose A Memory Foam Pillow There are many different options of memory foam pillows currently available. These pillows are designed to meet many specific needs, which is why it is important to understand the differences between these options. When selecting a memory foam pillow, the first factor to consider is how you usually sleep. Most memory foam pillows are designed for those who sleep on their back. However, if you tend to sleep on your side or stomach, there are specific pillows that are designed to offer the best support while in those positions. If you tend to switch positions or move around a great deal throughout the night, it will be best to purchase a memory foam pillow that is designed to support the neck while sleeping on your back, as it is the least position-specific option. The second factor to consider is the density of the pillow. Memory foam pillows are available for purchase in three to five pound densities. The density that you choose will determine how soft or hard the pillow will be. While most people prefer a pillow that is in the middle of these two densities, others prefer their pillows very soft or very firm. This is why is important to be aware of what density a certain pillow is before it is purchased. The third factor to consider before selecting a memory foam pillow, is the size of the pillow. Memory foam pillows are sized to offer support , based a person’s height and size. Before purchasing a pillow, check to see what pillow would be the best size for your body, and choose a pillow accordingly. When choosing a memory foam pillow, it is important to pay close attention to what type of pillow you are purchasing, in order to select a pillow that will fit your individual needs.

Is a tempur pedic pillow made of memory foam?

Yes tempurpedic pillow is made from memory foam but which is around three times less likely to suffer from sagging and durability issues like a spring matress traditionally does.

What are the health advantages of the memory foam contour pillow?

Sleep Innovations' memory foam contour pillow promises proper spinal alignment and support, resulting in relaxation of shoulder, back, and neck and reduced pain in these areas.

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