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What makes a mini bike leagal?

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working turn signals, breaklights. can only ride during day.

2007-06-13 13:24:19
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MB165 mini bike?

it is a bike. :)

How old do you have to be to have a mini bike?

to have a mini bike i would say 5-10

What is the best place to buy a mini bike?

I think you mean where and the answer is in a mini bike store.

What bike and kart have the best mini turbo in Mario Kart Wii for Small people?

Mini Beast is the kart and the bullit bike is the bike.

How can you make a Razor electric mini bike go faster?

A +5 kit from mykwilwin it makes is 5mph faster

How fast can a 97cc mini bike go?

a mini bike with a 90 pound person on it that is 97cc can go 50mph

How old do you have to be to drive a mini dirt bike in CT?

where in ct can you ride a mini bike besides a private property..

How fast does a 208cc mini bike go?

The 208cc mini bike can travel at 40 miles per hour.

Can you be a 11 to ride a mini pocket rocket bike?

can you be 11 to ride a mini pocket rocket bike in MASS EVERETT ?

Is it possible to make a mini bike with the starter motor hanging down underneath the bike?

No it is not possible to build a mini bike with a starter motor hanging down underneath.

Who invented the mini bike?

Jacob Webster invented the pocket bike

What is the name of the first harley Davidson mini-bike?


What is a vespa?

a scooter or mini bike

What is the top speed of a mini dirt bike 49cc?

25-27-mph standard top speed for a mini dirt bike

What type of engine does a baja heat mini bike have?

The Baja Heat mini bike has a 200cc 6.5 Hp size engine.

Where can one buy a mini dirt bike?

One can buy a mini dirt bike from the local bike stores. Sometimes local community auctions also feature variety of mini dirt bikes for very reasonable price.

What type of mini bike is perfect for teenagers?

a good mini bike (mini motor) is probley the KXD 50 which does 50cc which is a decent speed this will do 40-45 on a good day.

Is it leagal to ride a dirt bike 110cc 4 stroke in plano?

Not on the street. Off road, what it is intended for, no problem,

Is a dirt bike leagal in ny?

Dirt bikes are legal in all states as long as you ride them off road.

How old do you have to be to ride a mini bike?


How do you get a mini bike license?

Take a test...?

Can a 13 year old ride a mini-bike with a driver?


What is better a pocket bike or a doodle bug mini bike?

a pocket bike because you can do a lot o stuff

Where can one purchase a Mini Moto dirt bike?

A Mini Moto dirt bike can be purchased from Fun Bikes, Deals on Wheels, eBay, Amazon, Orange Imports, Darley Moor Dirt Bikes, Mini Moto Scene and Pit Bike Club.

Harley Davidson 49cc mini bike anyone know about the wiring for the starter lights and Cylinoid?

get a wiring schematic for the Aeromacchi mini bike...same thing